Launch of New Consumer Watch Website Targeting File Storage Online

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Yuval Fine, of File Storage Online, is pleased to announce the launch of a brand new consumer watch website, focusing on online data backup. The site targets issues that matter to consumers when choosing an online backup service. It provides unbiased, informed reviews that navigate the features and functions of the top ten currently available data backup services.

With the continual rise of data security issues, consumer watch expert Yuval Fine has identified the need for an honest appraisal of online backup services. Fine, of File Storage Online, has launched a website that presents consumers with an informed choice. It provides a detailed analysis of the top ten currently available data backup services.

Thousands of laptops and mobile phones are left on public transport or in taxis every year, and just as many are lost through theft. Hard drives crash, and power surges or water damage can render equipment unusable. Even the most careful person cannot guarantee the safety of their digital data if it is only kept on one device. An option such as online storage is not only wise, but vital.

Most people nowadays have a computer or a laptop, as well as smartphones, tablets, PDAs or other devices that hold information. Many also have a digital or video camera on which to store memories, and will have a multitude of images, video, documents, sound files, music and other computer files that are extremely important to them. It is needlessly risky if a computer or other device holds the only copy of a file, because if something happens to the device, the files are lost forever.

Online file storage services work by making secure backup copies of files, which can then be accessed online. Effectively, the copied versions of the files are stored on a remote computer. Users can then access this safely stored data from their own computer or mobile device, but using encryption. This means that only the user is authorised to see and access those particular files. Such a service is often known as cloud storage.

There are many benefits to using cloud storage. The main benefit, of course, is data safety. Should original data be lost for whatever reason, a new digital copy of any file is instantly available. The prevalence of portable devices is a great convenience, but portability has also led to a vastly increased risk of loss, theft and damage. Online file storage ensures that all data is protected against such disasters.

Secondly, online storage systems have increasing flexibility, allowing users to access data on multiple devices. For example, one household could have a desktop computer, two laptops and a smartphone. With cloud storage, all of these devices would be able to access the same documents, images and music, with file changes being synchronised between them. This ensures that all devices access the most recent version of any file, which is ideal for those using both the computer and the laptop to work on a task, for example.

Additionally, online file storage services also save users money, in terms of securing their data. To secure data with backups at home incurs the extra cost of backup drives and electricity. Online services enable users to take advantage of the economies of scale that they can provide. Also, of course, external backups such as hard drives and CD/DVD discs can be stolen or damaged, so online cloud-based services are more secure and offer greater protection.

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