Author Virginia Sealey releases second book: Spring Magic: the heroic story of Zephyr, a special Canadian Horse.

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There is something quite wonderful about Zephyr. He’s a Canadian Horse, a sturdy breed that had its origins within the stables of European nobility, and originally sent to Canada in the 1600s as a gift from King Louis XIV of France.

Zephyr is playful. Zephyr is loyal. And young, frisky Zephyr is fiercely protective of those who love him and look after him. And Zephyr is a hero and life-saver! Zephyr is also the centrepiece and title character of a new, illustrated book for youngsters called Spring Magic: The Adventures of Zephyr – A Canadian Horse Story.

The tale is set in Hawkesbury, a community set in eastern Ontario along the banks of the mighty Ottawa River. It’s springtime, a time of renewal and re-awakening, and it’s time for Doctor Roseh, the community’s friendly family doctor, to put Zephyr and his stable-mate Old Bess out to pasture. The playful Zephyr would grab Doc Roseh’s hammer and run off with it; Zephyr would do the same with the good doctor’s bag of nails – so much for the fence-mending chores!

Later, Doc Roseh would hitch Zephyr to his wagon and they would ride into town to check on little Abigail, who had been ill with a nasty cough for most of the winter. The trip into Hawkesbury was truly special for Zephyr for it gave him the opportunity to eat all of the community’s flowers – just in time for the Hawkesbury Spring Celebration! Abigail had watched from her attic window as Zephyr happily munched on the flowers; that would be their little, shared secret!

One day, Abigail was granted her fondest wish – she spotted her father walking home into town after a lengthy, lonely absence. Her Dad had to leave Hawksbury months earlier to find work elsewhere to support his family. But then, out of the blue, a bear began to follow Abigail’s Dad; Abigail jumped into the wagon behind Zephyr and the two of them raced to the outskirts of town where brave, resilient Zephyr chased the bear away. Zephyr stood tall in the face of danger and saved the day!

Spring Magic: The Adventures of Zephyr is a lovely book, perfectly suited to youngsters who love and treasure their pets and the animals in their lives. The book is also the author’s tribute to the loyal, fearless Canadian Horse, which was decreed as Canada’s National Horse by a decree of Parliament in 2002. Author Dailley-Sealy has four Canadians of her own: Ariss, Beau, Farro and Zephyr.

The typical Canadian Horse stands 14 to 16 hands high, and of very sturdy build, with strong legs and feet, a finely sculptured head and a substantial mane and tail. The breed itself, once threatened, has been re-established thanks to the efforts of dedicated breeders across the country.

A Canadian Horse Story – Spring Magic: The Adventures of Zephyr
by Ginny Dailley-Sealy
ISBN: 9780978157814

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