Cirrus Logic LED Controller Chips for Dimmer Friendly LED Light Bulbs are Now Available At

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Integrating today’s LED systems with analog dimmer systems is quite a challenge. To address this problem, the company Cirrus Logic has rolled out a product line of digital LED controller chips that are being used in Light Bulbs now available at

Cirrus Logic TruDim technology LED Light Bulb Dimmer Chip

Cirrus Logic expects that its chips will be used in many LED lighting applications.

Compared to around 200 million LEDs sold last year, the target 5 million to 10 million units that Cirrus hopes to ship from is not very high

While LED Bulbs are renowned for their cost effectiveness, energy efficiency, and useful features such as digital controllability, one of the biggest disadvantages is not being able to get these new bulbs to work with the dimmer switches in the house. Manufacturers and designers are having a tough time integrating today’s LED light bulbs with analog dimmer systems and this is quite a disappointment for customers who witness the failure of these LEDs to work with their existing dimmer systems. While LEDs are a lot superior in many ways to CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lights) and incandescent, this slight incompatibility may alter the way people embrace new and superior technology.

To address this problem, integrated circuit maker Cirrus Logic recently rolled out CS161X digital LED controller chips for dimmer-friendly LEDs and BulbAmerica has these products in stock now. With a proven compatibility of about 98 percent of the dimmers tested by them, the company is already shipping these units that are integrated with LED bulbs from a major lighting manufacturer in Europe.

A lighting expert at BulbAmerica says, “Compared to around 200 million LEDs sold last year, the target 5 million to 10 million units that Cirrus hopes to ship from is not very high” adding that “The demand for these LED bulbs might grow as much as 1 billion in two years from now.”

Cirrus Logic will also be launching a new LED IC series; the CS163x that may emit a more natural and warmer light compared to today’s light bulbs along with handling dimming and color mixing apart from addressing the ongoing LED dimmer compatibility problem. With advanced lighting technology gradually replacing older ones that have a well defined infrastructure built and developed around them over the years, the market has to gradually make way to support new generation, consumer-side energy friendly technology. With more than 200 dimmer systems that need to be incorporated for translating analog signals into digital dimming commands into the system’s logic, Cirrus Logic has their work cut out for them and they seem to be making considerable progress to tackle this problem.

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