Discover the Trends that are Revising the Definition of Technology Excellence in "The New Technology Elite", by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

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This book provides the building blocks for companies to become innovative by using their incumbent technologies to deliver a better product and give them the advantage over competition.

The New Technology Elite

Chris J. Murphy says "This book isn't for those who want to stick to 'IT as usual.' Mirchandani uses real-world examples to catalog the wide range of forces driving IT leadership to adapt or fail in the digital economy.

Most businesses are seeing an avalanche of employees and consumers asking to interact with them using iPads, Android phones, Facebook pages and other “consumer tech”. Savvy companies are not just refreshing their internal IT for this tech savvy user – they are targeting this user with technology enabled “smart” products and services. In doing so, they are finding they can learn plenty about retail stores, data centers, logistics from Apple, Amazon, Google, eBay and others.

John Wiley and Sons is releasing The New Technology Elite: How Great Companies Optimize Both Technology Consumption And Production ($29.99; April 2012) to examine two powerful trends that are stopping "IT as usual" in its tracks — the "consumerization of enterprise technology" and, in contrast, "the enterprising of consumer technology." With seventeen case studies and four guest columns throughout the book, The New Technology Elite details the trends that are revising the definition of technology excellence.

    No industry or geography is shielded. Walgreens, the pharmacy chain has a refill application that allows customers to scan the bar code from a previous prescription using a mobile phone, transmit it, and get a text message to go pick it up at a nearby store. Whirlpool's Duet washer/dryers come with LCD screens and various laundry apps designed to give users advice on stain removal and other laundry questions. Their zip codes are far from Silicon Valley, and they may be thought as retail, automobile or banking businesses, but industry after industry is waking up to this opportunity of "smart" products and services. The New Technology Elite offers the how-to guidance a wide range of technologies to deliver a better product and gain competitive advantage. Coverage includes the transition away from high-level technology to the new importance of:

•Product design elegance
•Physical presence in strategic retail locations
•Ecosystems of developers and thriving app stores
•Social savvy
•Paranoia in the world of hacker groups such as LulzSec and Anonymous
•Pragmatism in a world where attorneys are even more influential than engineers
•Being able to fly to Xiamen or Xanadu at a moment's notice

    Technology has traditionally been used for control and compliance. The New Technology Elite showcases the exciting transition to using technology for revenue and growth. It does so by showcasing technology “athletes” and the new records they are scaling. Soon, every organization will be benchmarked against these elite, and be competing with them .This book is essential reading for business professionals ranging from CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, and technology vendors, to venture capitalists, IT consultants, marketing executives, and policy makers looking to encourage technology innovation.

Advanced Praise for The New Technology Elite
"Technology-enabled innovation is the future, but make no mistake, that future is here today. Mirchandani uses technology athletes to inspire us in that even the things we may think are impossible are in fact either a current or near future reality."
—Michael McNamara, CEO, Flextronics

"In The New Technology Elite, Mirchandani reveals the secret sauce that separates corporate leaders from laggards and market winners from also-rans in the unforgiving global economy. He neatly deconstructs the creative spark, innovative thinking, and excellence of execution that successful companies must continuously master to translate smartly conceived and efficiently delivered technology solutions into market outperformance and sustainable competitive advantage. Doing so reminds us that while technology innovation may start with tightly orchestrated ideation in the dark recesses of the virtual back office, success is often determined by the industrial scale that is unleashed to create products and services that deliver vibrant and intuitive user experiences, as well as rich and utilitarian capabilities that anticipate customer needs, today and tomorrow, and measure up to, if not exceed, rising consumer and business expectations."
—Francisco D'Souza, President and CEO,
Cognizant Technology Solutions

"This book isn't for those who want to stick to 'IT as usual.' Mirchandani uses real-world examples to catalog the wide range of forces driving IT leadership to adapt or fail in the digital economy."
—Chris J. Murphy, Editor, InformationWeek

"Today, every company must 'rethink everything' from their core processes to their fundamental business models. In his new book, Mirchandani shows countless examples of how new technologies have removed historic barriers thus allowing companies to rethink everything. Mirchandani's book is a must-read for business leaders who want to inspire and rededicate their workforce. More importantly, it will serve as a guide to the new ways with which collaboration, innovation, technology, and more will fundamentally, permanently, and perpetually change the businesses of today. If your firm has the will to change, this book has the guidance."
—Timothy Christen, CEO, Baker Tilly

Vinnie Mirchandani author of the highly successful Wiley publication, The New Polymath, is a former analyst at Gartner, a leading technology research firm. He previously held various roles at PwC Consulting and now runs a consulting firm working with executives on technology strategy negotiations that is recognized in the Black Book of Outsourcing as a top advisory firm. Mirchandani consults with CEOs, CFOs, VPs of HR, Supply Chain managers and more. He has keynoted at many business and technology conferences and has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Financial Times and other executive and IT publications. He is an avid blogger, writing about technology innovation on his "New Florence, New Renaissance" blog and about disruptive economics and technology waste on his "Deal Architect" blog, voted by The Industry Standard as one of its best technology blogs.

THE NEW TECHNOLOGY ELITE: How Great Companies Optimize Both Technology Consumption and Production; Published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.; Publication date: April 2, 2011; $49.95; Hardcover;
378 pages; ISBN: 978-1-118-10313-5

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