Using a Home Workout Routine to Put The Kibosh on Body Image Fallacies

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The Home Workout Pros have taken a "holistic" approach to fitness and health - by focusing on quality of people's lives, they are doing their part in extinguishing fallacies about body image and type.

As Americans the alarming trend of associating fitness with a distorted body image causes far too many to fall into the deadly trap or psychological self-destruction.

The Home Workout Pros Team from Tempe, Arizona has created a new workout program entitled the Victa Home Workout Program intended to squelch the negative American body image epidemic. The ten fitness tips offered through their workout program along with the web based nutritional blog coordinate to bring fitness back into the balance nature intended. The ten keys to balanced fitness can be found at their website (below). The unbalanced obsession with the perfect body image among Americans creates a phenomenon known as disassociation. When body image becomes more than a normal concern the insidious diseases of anorexia and bulimia rear their ugly heads. Statistics from the year 2011 indicate that these eating disorders wreck havoc on young people who are influenced by the media. Amanda Wilkins published an article entitled Anorexia Statistics 2011 The Truth about Anorexia. According to Wilkins anorexia is a type of addiction and is a psychiatric disorder.

“Anorexia is most prevalent in adolescent girls who idolize the stick-thin models they see pictured in the glossy magazines. The typical age when people become anorexic is in their teens to early 20s but it is still common for younger girls to be anorexic as well as older women. Most people think they can control their anorexia and go back to their normal weight without outside help, but they can't, anorexics cannot control the disease on their own.” Wilkins states that about 24 million people of all ages suffer from some type of eating disorder that stems from extreme issues with body image.

Amanda Beard, seven times Olympic medalist swimmer has recently published a book highlighting the same topic. The autobiography entitled In The Water They Cant See You Cry reveals the self-destructive body image patterns that crept into her mind. Amanda made her first appearance as an Olympic swimmer when she was only 14 years old. She brought her teddy bear up on to the stand with her when she was awarded one gold and two silver medals in 1996. Although Amanda Beard had a successful swimming career, which lead into a professional modeling career, her issues with body image that had been exacerbated by the media caused her to fall into self-destructive cycles. Amanda describes the pain, “I wrapped myself up in sadness like a martyr…I didn't talk about what was happening to me with anybody -- not my dad, mom, friends, or coach. Everyone knew that I knew I sucked, but we all ignored it. Hop into the pool, do your sets, dinner, homework, bed. Business as usual. At the time I was grateful for the normalcy. The last thing I wanted to do was draw more attention to myself. Not addressing something, however, doesn't mean it goes away. I was completely beaten down, even if I refused to discuss it. “

As Americans the alarming trend of associating fitness with a distorted body image causes far too many to fall into the deadly trap of psychological self-destruction. Wilkins research indicates that those who suffer from eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness. Half of girls between the ages of 13 to 15 believe that they are overweight. While health and fitness programs are important concepts to apply the need for proper perspective has never been greater. Images in magazines of woman who are stick thin and exercise videos that target only body sculpting to enhance self worth contribute to the fallacies associated with body image. Ormiston and Grimes aim to achieve a vision of fitness valuing a realistic view of what it means to be fit at any age and stage of life.
The Victa home workout routine focuses on fitness as it relates to a healthy balance and clear body image. Their focus is on “Changing The World Through Fitness”, targeting the value of the whole person and how much each individual contributes uniquely to the world around them. Ormiston and Grimes believe in helping individuals realize their personal fitness potential conveniently and affordably in the comfort of their own home. Their ten fitness tips outline the most productive way to achieve fitness goals with a healthy perspective. They understand that fitness needs to be about having great energy, confidence and optimal health. Check out this unique and powerful new approach to fitness by visiting the Home Workout Pros website below! For more information send them an email at admin(at)homeworkoutpros(dot)com. The Home Workout Pros office is located at 1 East Washington St. Suite 500A Phoenix, AZ 85004.

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