Teenage Girls Battle Murderers and Poverty in the Richest Town in America - New Margaret of Greenwich (R) Book Series Volume Two

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Margaret and Erika is the second novel in the Margaret of Greenwich (R) book series in which teenagers from poor and wealthy families struggle with school, love, and crime in the richest town in America.

Margaret and Erika front cover

I had become an avenger of blood, to save the honor of society.

To react against fear is a good moral habit.

In Margaret and Erika, the second volume in the Margaret of Greenwich Young Adult series by R. L. Rhyse, published by Wyston Books, Inc., two fourteen-year-old girls battle spies, murderers, and poverty in the richest town in America.

To relive a boring summer, Margaret and Erika volunteer to befriend Maureen, a mute, fourteen-year-old patient at Greenwich's Rillston Hospital. Her doctor knows only that she recently gave birth and that her parents were murdered. Others believe that she has information about the spy who stole America's greatest secret: the plans for the Trident submarine's nuclear missile.

Moved by the sight of Maureen's suffering, Erika reveals her own: that her sister and mother had been raped and killed by an enemy of her billionaire father and that she expects to share their fate. "This monster destroys all who know of his crimes, which now includes you," Margaret is told.

This statement adds yet another to Margaret's pressing worries: her family's poverty; her father's illness; her boyfriend's fears; and whether, at fourteen, she is ready to have sex.

But the girls have allies too: Abram, Erika's devoted bodyguard, a former officer of Russia's elite anti-terrorist Vympel unit; Margaret's father, a lawyer; the Orisha God, Babaluaiye, Margaret's spiritual husband; and fourteen-year-old Randy who is the love of her life.

R. L. Rhyse is the author of Margaret of Greenwich, the first volume in the Margaret of Greenwich (R) Young Adult series, and is a former resident of Greenwich, Connecticut.

Margaret and Erika
ISBN 978-0-9832326-5-0
eISBN 978-0-9832326-6-7
Pages: 314
Print: $9.95
E-book: $2.99

The E-book is available at amazon.com, barnes&noble.com, and in the iBook store; the early chapters can be read there. The print book is available at amazon.com, barnes&noble.com, and through brick-and-mortar book sellers.

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