Poly Pipe Fittings Offer Cost Effective, Environmentally Friendly Solutions For Water Transfer.

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Reduce Labour costs and reconnect poly pipe easily from one job to the next with transferable poly piping for suction and discharge lines.

What are quick connect poly pipe fittings?

Polycrimp poly pipe fittings are the result of combining two great ideas, B-type couplings and poly pipe, into one fitting. B-type couplings are couplings that connect easily with a lever ring in a pull on pull off 'one movement' action. The poly stub is welded to the poly pipe for one seamless connection. No need for flanges or screws. Just one coupling action. No expertise required.

What industries can use these 'Polycrimp' poly pipe fittings?

Coal seam gas projects lead the way in using the latest generation in polycrimp fittings. Dredging companies, irrigators, drilling, dewatering contractors and other mining and construction companies make savings too. Anyone involved in water transfer who has more than one location they need to either dewater from, or irrigate to, can use these poly pipe poly pipe fittings. This may be for agriculture, mining, construction or industrial applications. http://ibinternational.com.au/couplings/polycrimp

What are some of the benefits of using polycrimp fittings?

Once poly is welded to poly pipe no effort is required. Crews can transfer as often as needed, wherever needed, with just one easy movement. Less labour means every job costs less and no expertise is required. And because Polycrimp is tested to the highest quality standards no downtime is required.

Polycrimp allows fittings to be welded directly onto poly due to the quality tested crimped product that is supplied already attached to poly piping. Weld poly to poly directly with no fuss. Fittings are available in sizes from 4" to 12" diameter pipes. These fittings can be used on suction or discharge lines. These world tested successful fittings are a favoured option as more and more poly pipe is being used around the Australia. In environmentally delicate landscapes where companies are on a 'move in move out' transferable operation these polycrimp b-type fittings provide peace of mind and lucrative savings. With a high resistance to corrosion, temperatures and a wide range of chemicals IB International's polycrimp B-type couplings provide workable solutions for mining, agricultural and industrial applications for dredging, dewatering, and irrigation.

Where can you buy Polycrimp poly fittings?

IB International have been leading the industry by making these products available here in Australia. By combining the convenience of Dallai b-type couplings with poly pipe, companies are able to move poly pipe around several locations quickly and safely, without high labour costs.

IB International is an experienced player in irrigation in Australia, with over 30 years in the industry. Finding and supplying the right products for Australian conditions is what they do best. Ian Baines is the Director of IB International and will work directly with Mining Engineers and their Contractors to provide the solutions.

Fittings solutions in galvanised steel, polycoat and stainless steel mean that the quick coupling action of the b-type fittings are available for applications across corrosive and non-corrosive water movement.

For more information visit IB International website http://ibinternational.com.au/couplings/polycrimp

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