Owner Of Ideal Fitness Trends And Expert Fitness Trainer Jared DiCarmine Releases Brand New Video On How To Get Rid Of Love Handles

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Jared DiCarmine, a personal trainer in Westchester Country New York has just released a brand new video for people on how to get rid of love handles without conventional methods.

DiCarmine studied exercise science at Springfield College and is a physique transformation expert located outside of New York City. He has just put up a brand new video and article for people who are interested in how to get rid of love handles. Love handles are classically known as stubborn abdominal fat, the area around the navel and oblique’s that just does not seem to budge or move when someone is dieting or exercising to get a six pack.

DiCarmine realized this was a huge problem when he himself went through this issue with trying to get rid of love handles. He did conventional diets such as low carbohydrates, low fat, and high protein. He also did numerous sessions on the treadmill working in the classic “fat-burning” zone so his body would burn nothing but body fat for fuel during exercise. Sadly, none of this worked until he changed up his methods and began really experimenting with physiology through diet and exercise.

One of the biggest things DiCarmine found with regards to how to get rid of love handles is the ability for the body to lower it’s metabolism in times of famine. The body will unfortunately decrease it’s metabolic rate when one lowers their calories all in an effort to lose fat. Overtime, this process will happen again and again, therefore by the time someone has been on a diet for a long time, there metabolism would be severely lowered and wouldn’t be burning as much fat as before.

There is one way to fix this and that is through the use of an over-feeding day. By doing this, leptin levels will increase and therefore, that person’s metabolism will increase as well since it now thinks that the “famine” is over.

The neat thing according to DiCarmine is that you can continuously go through this loop once every 5-7 days and never have your metabolism severely decrease which would leave you with continual weight loss.

All in all, one can get this information by going to http://www.TheLoveHandleCure.com in order to watch this brand new video.

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