Ideal Fitness Trends Releases Brand New Video And Article On The Art Of How To Get Rid Of Love Handles

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The owner of Ideal Fitness Trends, Jared DiCarmine, a physique transformation expert and exercise science graduate of Springfield College just released a brand new video and article through his company that deals with the issue of how to get rid of love handles.

Jared DiCarmine an expert personal trainer known throughout the country has just released a brand new video and article detailing specific ways for people on how to get rid of love handles. This video and article deals with the exact science and certain key elements that someone must adhere too if they want to lose the stubborn fat that is around their navel and oblique, abdominal region.

This region where people want to lose belly fat is really hard to get rid of because of numerous factors according to DiCarmine and a lot of traditional weight loss methods will not work in helping someone achieve the flat stomach and toned abs that they are looking for.

One of these key principles according to Jared is the use of EPOC inducing workouts which stands for excess post oxygen consumption. These types of workouts have been found to elevate one’s metabolism for hours on end after they have ceased exercising. The sad thing, according to DiCarmine is that the increase in EPOC will not happen through the use of regular, slow, boring cardiovascular activities.

So if someone wants to learn how to get rid of love handles, they must start doing more intense workouts such as metabolic resistance training workouts which have been found to really increase one’s EPOC levels for a few hours after they have finished their workout. Overtime, this can lead up to many pounds of fat loss that would have never happened before if they kept up with steady-state training such as jogging on a treadmill or an elliptical.

Another key element is diet if someone wants to learn the proper way on how to get rid of love handles. Diet, as well as certain exercises for love handles are key and acts as a one, two, punch to this stubborn fat area.

According to DiCarmine, the combination of his “strategic over-feeding” principle and certain abdominal sculpting exercises will greatly enhance one’s chances of finally melting off the stubborn adipocyte tissue around the waistline.

If one wants to learn more and watch the video, all he or she has to do is click one of the links in this article.

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