Ideal Fitness Trends Turns Out Brand New Video And Write-Up On How To Get Rid Of Love Handles Quick And Easily

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Jared DiCarmine, the owner of Ideal Fitness Trends, has just released a brand new video and article on how to get rid of love handles without giving up your favorite foods and without having to be married to a gym or exercise routine.

Jared DiCarmine is a world renowned exercise science specialist who helps everyday people transforms their lives by transforming their bodies. One of his specialties is helping people who want to understand different ways on how to get rid of love handles. He found through a lot of trial and error as well as research that the lower abdominal fat is the hardest and most stubborn of all places to get rid of fat from the human body. There are many reasons for this, but the biggest reasons are usually self inflicted by the person themselves who is trying to get the body they’ve always wanted and mostly deserve.

The biggest reason DiCarmine has found that has led to people all over the world having problems with getting the body they’ve always wanted and to solving the issue of how to get rid of love handles is the issue of the person cutting their calories below baseline levels for such a long time that their metabolic and fat-burning furnace decreases ten-fold. This is not good and poses many problems for someone who is trying to burn up the stubborn fat around their navel and oblique regions.

When your body senses starvation and famine, it will decrease the metabolic rate and fat-burning hormones permanently to prevent itself from eating itself. This is not good and goes against what someone is trying to do when attempting to lose their love handles.

The best way to avoid this, according to DiCarmine is to do what’s called “strategic over-feeding.” This is when someone employs a cheat meal or cheat day once every 5-7 days. By doing so, they will inevitably increase leptin levels, top off glycogen stores and therefore increase their metabolic rate right back up to baseline levels to where it was before they started dieting. This is great because then the person will be able to lose fat and shrink down their waistline without trouble for weeks and months on end until they hit their target goal.

All in all, if one wants to learn more about this method to lose love handles, all they have to do is click on one of the links in the article.

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