Feinstein Challenger Levitt Proposes Bold Soldier, Veteran Protections

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U.S. Senate candidate David Levitt, on the ballot to represent California in the June 5th primary, is advocating unprecedented protections for U.S. soldiers and veterans, including whistleblower protection, immediate withdrawal from Afghanistan, and guaranteed housing in vacant bank-owned homes.

Dem Vets

Colonel Davis concludes there is now no achievable mission in Afghanistan, and that continuing to deploy our soldiers there shows reckless disregard for their lives.

Democratic Senate candidate David Levitt has published his answers to questions from the Veterans Democratic Club of Sacramento County, reprinted at his Levitt2012.org campaign site with permission.

“Senator Feinstein’s approach to soldiers and veterans has repeatedly put them in harm’s way without actually making Americans any safer,” says Levitt. “In fact, in the Senate she has consistently misled soldiers -- convincing more than two out of three volunteers that Iraq had illegal weapons or had something to do with the 9-11 attacks. Senators are supposed to lead by honestly informing the public in debate. Senator Feinstein failed to mention that no Iraqis or Afghanis participated in 9-11, and I don't think she's ever apologized for the lives lost and families destroyed.”

The Sacramento Dem Vets’ questions show their concerns: about being ordered to commit war crimes like waterboarding and torture; about the alarming rates of suicide and homelessness among veterans; and of course, about their repeated deployment to the unending Afghanistan war, the longest US war in history. Feinstein, an intelligence and military insider known for extreme secrecy, has declined to comment on Army Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Davis’s alarming February report, which documents that Americans are being lied to about our progress there. Colonel Davis concludes there is now no achievable mission in Afghanistan, and that continuing to deploy our soldiers there shows reckless disregard for their lives. But Feinstein publicly insists they stay in Afghanistan through multiple ‘fighting seasons’ until at least 2014.

“It’s time our soldiers and veterans had a real advocate in the U.S. Senate from California,” says Levitt. “You just have to look online to see how Senator Feinstein has neglected them.” When Levitt asked about their priorities, Afghanistan veterans like Dottie Guy quickly pointed him to three current articles:

‘Send Immediate Help’ to Oakland’s VA, Say Bay Area Reps
Letter to veterans secretary cites "extreme disappointment" over decision not to overhaul troubled office, now with a backlog of 870,000 disability claims.
Source: The Bay Citizen http://www.baycitizen.org/veterans/story/send-immediate-help-oaklands-va-say-bay/

VA: Staff Errors Delay Veterans’ Benefits
One in four disability decisions at Oakland office is wrong, official tells congressmen
Source: The Bay Citizen http://www.baycitizen.org/veterans/story/va-staff-errors-delay-veterans-benefits/

Editorial: Backlog in VA benefit claims is shameful
Source: The Sacramento Bee http://www.sacbee.com/2012/04/20/4428210/backlog-in-va-benefit-claims-is.html
In comments a veteran writes, “I've written to Feinstein, Boxer and Matsui concerning a military discharge issue, and none would lift a finger.”

At his campaign’s http://www.Levitt2012.org/veterans page, Levitt also explains how veterans who need it can be guaranteed housing at no cost to taxpayers. His campaign theme is ‘Innovating with the People’.

Levitt is eager to debate Feinstein on Afghanistan, veterans, whistleblowers and other topics. For almost 12 years Feinstein has refused to debate opponents, preferring to vastly outspend them instead.

Wealthy 20-year incumbent Feinstein and black ‘Rebuild the American Dream’ technologist Levitt are in this historic California Senate race, under new ‘top two’ primary rules that allow both Levitt and Feinstein to win the June primary, with no Republican on the November ballot.

Says Levitt 2012 campaign manager Sheila Harden, “As Senator Feinstein put it, ‘The Republicans decided not to run anyone’ in this race,‘ since birther Orly Taitz has mostly negative name recognition. That also means that for the first time in 20 years, Senator Feinstein’s millions can’t keep every progressive Democrat off California’s November ballot.”

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