The DaMega Code and EZPLEXITY, a Total Lifestyle Transformation

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The DaMega Code is a series of original exercises created by celebrity fitness trainer DaMega. His fitness program, EZPLEXITY® is a total lifestyle transformation, not just fitness, but to truly understand EZPLEXITY, you must first learn about the man behind the code.

The Dark

With the month of April nearly over, many of those individuals who had made resolutions to get in shape, lose weight and improve their health have already given up on those promises to themselves. One man, however, has made it his personal mission in 2012 to help those who have faltered in their resolutions, to show them how they can finally achieve their health and fitness goals and how remarkably easy it can be to do so.

LaDale Patterson, aka DaMega, is out to show the world how they can attain pinnacle health and well-being through his complete lifestyle system known as EZPLEXITY® and the release of his new fitness DVD. To say that DaMega has overcome much in his life is a vast understatement. From a meager upbringing filled with crime, violence, change, and upheaval, DaMega has used life lessons, both good and bad to influence his decision making and to create the mantra he lives by and that he shares with his clients, the DaMega Code.

A tumultuous upbringing, DaMega was the son of a single-mother who herself was just a child of fifteen years when she gave birth. Transitioning between a life spent living with his grandmother and his mother, DaMega often fell in with the wrong crowd and was taking steps down a narrow and dark path which continued through his teen years. This included multiple run-ins with the law as well as being stabbed in the torso during an altercation at school.

After graduating from San Andreas High School, he attended college in San Bernardino, but the pressures of trying to make it on his own for the first time while attending college was just too much for him to handle.

Eventually, DaMega found sanctuary and peace of mind running a collection of barbershops. The camaraderie of working one-on-one appealed to him and he developed the stability he needed to help him realize his passion for business. Just as his life started taking a turn for the better, however, it suddenly got much worse and it was here that his life nearly ended.

After returning home from work for the day, DaMega walked into his home which was being burglarized. Scared for his life, he ran down the driveway to his car to escape the scene. Just as he closed the door, the driver’s side window shattered with a loud bang and DaMega realized he’d just been shot. With a bullet lodged in his chest and his strength fleeting, DaMega drove himself to the emergency room at a local hospital, said a prayer and things went dark.

The Light

In the hospital, while recovering from the bullet wound, DaMega’s health declined and he lost nearly 30 pounds as he fought for his life. Though his prognosis was not good, his will was strong and he overcame what would have been a fatal blow to most people. He was, however, faced with a long and difficult rehabilitation process, especially with the bullet still lodged in his chest, too close to his heart to remove. Damega did not falter, though, instead looking upon his situation as a blessing. DaMega knew that he should have died in that hospital, but instead had been granted a second chance at life.

During rehabilitation, DaMega gained an intense interest in physical fitness. Using a mind of matter principal, the next 4 years of his life were devoted to, in his words, “becoming fitness”. Transforming his body, DaMega began to combine his newfound passion for fitness with his original interest in business.

A graduate of the International Sports Science Association, DaMega had made a complete turnaround in his life. A chance meeting back in California brought him in touch with world-class welterweight boxer Chico Corrales. Corrales and DaMega became close through their shared passions for fitness and training, with Corrales becoming a true mentor to him throughout their time together. Corrales introduced DaMega to a number of other high-profile celebrities and athletes and his celebrity fitness training business was born.

Soon, through hard work and determination, DaMega had such clients as actors/comedians Michael Coyler and Brandon T. Jackson, recording artist Souljah Boy, former NFL quarterbacks, Kordell Stewart, Jeff Blake and David Garrard, professional boxer Cory Sphinx and many more.

After achieving success in high-profile client training and fitness consulting for numerous Hollywood studio projects including Fox’s The Swan, DaMega began working to bring his incredible knowledge and understanding of fitness to a wider audience.

To accomplish his goal of bringing fitness to the masses, DaMega began developing EZPLEXITY® with the concept being easy movements, complex results. EZPLEXITY® proved to be a complete health system designed to enhance one’s mental awareness, diet, physical fitness level and injury prevention. With EZPLEXITY®, DaMega was able to apply his “Code” of fitness into a complete lifestyle that could help anyone attain pinnacle health and well-being.

Here in 2012, DaMega is out to bring his “Code” of fitness to the widest possible audience. Through his hardships and troubles, DaMega has been blessed with a second chance at life and intends to make the most of it, bringing fitness, health and wellness to all that he can through his system of EZPLEXITY®.

And now with the release of his EZPLEXITY® DVD, DaMega has the opportunity to share his passion for fitness and the EZPLEXITY® workout with the masses.

For more information about DaMega, EZPLEXITY® or the EZPLEXITY® DVD contact Evan Lamont at 562-537-6936 or visit

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