Concurrency and Parallel Programming by Eiffel Software: Mastering the World of Multiple Cores, Multiple Threads, Multiple Processes

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An International Seminar Series by Software Guru Bertrand Meyer, Chief Architect at Eiffel Software


Bertrand Meyer

Concurrent and Parallel Programming is the next big shift in software development since the adoption of Object Technology

Eiffel Software announces an international series of one-day seminars led by award-winning technology guru Dr. Bertrand Meyer. Concurrent and Parallel Programming is the next big shift in software development since the adoption of Object Technology nearly a quarter of a century ago. Mastering Concurrent and Parallel Programming is a critical skill for any software developer who wants to build the new “killer apps”.

According to Dr. Meyer the "end of Moore’s law as we knew it" means that advances in performance require the use of multi-core architectures; the increasing importance of networking and the ever larger datasets available today add to the urgency of adopting concurrency. No area of IT, from enterprise applications to embedded systems, cloud computing, “big data” and Web services, can ignore it. It is time for the development community to make the shift.

The press agrees. With “Go Parallel,” Dr. Dobbs, one of the leading publications for developers, dedicates a full permanent section of its website to the topic. Neil McAllister, technology writer for InfoWorld, recently cited parallel computing as one of his “5 hot specialties for ambitious software developers in 2012”. Herb Sutter, an influential authority on software development and C++, wrote: “The free lunch is over. The biggest sea change in software development since the O-O revolution is knocking at the door, and its name is Concurrency.”

Dr. Meyer’s information packed one-day session presents the state of the art in concurrency and parallel programming, including the most recent advances in the field. Topics include:

  •     Overview of concurrency and parallel computing
  •     Challenges and applications of concurrency
  •     Main approaches to concurrent programming
  •     Reasoning about concurrent programs: an introduction to formal approaches
  •     Concurrency and object-orientation
  •     New concurrent languages: Ada, Cilk, Concurrent Haskell, Eiffel (SCOOP), Erlang, Go , Occam, Polyphonic C#, Fortress, Linda, MPI
  •     Conclusion

This course presents a compact, in-depth analysis of the concurrent and parallel technology. It is intended for managers (VPs of Technology, CTOs, and Project Leaders) and software developers who want to know about the most important technology development in many years. They will learn the various ways to address parallel computing and understand how to practice concurrency securely and with ease.

About the speaker
Bertrand Meyer is an internationally recognized expert in object technology, entrepreneur, author and trainer. He is a passionate researcher on the most advanced topics of IT, who has devoted his carrier to the improvement of software quality. His contributions to modern software engineering were recognized with many top international awards: Jolt Award, ACM Software System Award, IEEE Harlan Mills Award and more. He is an author of 11 books on software engineering, including the world-wide best-seller "Object-Oriented Software Construction" and "Touch of Class: learning to program well with classes and contracts".

Dates and locations of upcoming sessions:

  •     London, UK (May 25)
  •     Stockholm, Sweden (June 11)
  •     Palo Alto, USA (June 14)
  •     Seattle, USA (July 20)
  •     Zurich, Switzerland (September 14)

Register online now or call 1 (805) 685-1006. If your company is interested in an in-house presentation of this session please contact us

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