“Recursive Lossless Compression of Random Data” Now a Reality

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RDM (Recursive Digital Management Ltd.), a Hong Kong-based software company, is proud to announce its successful development of the revolutionary digital compression technology, namely the Recursive Lossless Compression Technology, with capability to compress and decompress digital data in Real-Time. It is currently protected by patent pending.

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Dr Constant Wong and his team have spent over 8 years to develop the technology of Recursive Lossless Compression of Random Data, and eventually succeeded. Such a technology has long been considered impossible by IT experts and mathematicians, and frustrated, even humiliated, those who attempted to achieve it.

Recursive Lossless Compression Technology is a technology that is capable of compressing random data, or data from discreet sources, repeatedly without any loss of quality. In other words, after decompression the compressed files can be restored exactly to their original form. This is hardly an obscure topic, as it has baffled IT gurus and mathematicians for decades, since Claude Shannon's book The Mathematical Theory of Communication, published originally as collected papers on communication theory more than fifty years ago, in which he brought forth the entropy theory that the encoding of a piece of data cannot be shorter than its entropy.

Dr Constant Wong, the managing director of the company, also inventor of the Recursive Lossless Compression Technology has now formally announced that he has successfully developed just such a compression technology, after over eight years of research and development. In fact, the compression of random data goes hand-in-hand with recursiveness. Other compression technologies deal with data from a non-discreet source, be it alpha-numeric, graphic, sonic, etc. Once such a file has been compressed, the same technology cannot be used to compress the compressed file, which is no longer the same type as that before compression: it has become random data. Therefore, if one can compress random data, one can do so repeatedly, till it reaches optimum, when it is no longer worthwhile to apply this technology further.

He explained that he had achieved this by means of bypassing the tried-and-proven method of dealing with digital data in terms of words, be they 8 bits, 16 bits or more, but making use of the simple mathematical theorem of series of geometrical progression, in which the aggregate value of all lower terms equals the highest term minus 1. In other words, he deals with digital strings in unequal lengths, both in compression and decompression; this is a radical departure from the conventional method of dealing with digital data in words.

Dr Wong emphasized that one of the most salient and powerful feature of the technology was that it can compress and decompress digital data in real-time. This would make a world of difference in video streaming, broadcasting and telecommunication. Furthermore, by compressing a file recursively, it can compress a file to a fraction of its original size after an acceptable number of passes. This would certainly be a great tool in the crowded world of data storage.

The benefits to the IT world of such a ground breaking technology are obvious. It will definitely solve some of the urgent problems in the IT industries, which are experiencing ever-increasing traffic jam and network overloading. It will also enhance the storage capacity of existing facilities. In both these areas, and more, industries will enjoy enormous cost-saving from reduced infrastructure investment and relief on operational pressure. Last but not least, this technology will be very environmentally friendly and ecologically constructive by inhibiting infrastructure growth and energy consumption.

Dr Wong assures potentially interested parties that his company has already created a working prototype, which has definitively exploded the myth that compression of random data is impossible. He fervently invites interested companies, investors and entrepreneurs to witness a hands-on demonstration on request. However, he suggests to us that what he and his team have built is only a basic working prototype, leaving ample room for further refinement and enhancement, till it has reached its full potentials, to the benefit of mankind.

About Recursive Digital Management Ltd. (RDM)
Recursive Digital Management Ltd., a company specifically dedicated to the research and development of Recursive Lossless Compression Technology of Random Data, provides a revolutionary, commercially viable breakthrough in compression technology for the IT industry.

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