The Adult Novelty Group Discovers New Ways To Show Your Wife Love On Mother's Day

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TAND (Adult Novelty Group) gets the low down on inspired gift giving this holiday season.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and many husbands are struggling to come up with the ideal present for the mother of their children. They want to send the message that while they value their hard work as a mom, they do not view their spouse as just a maternal figure. Moreover, they want to let their sweetie know that they see their spouse first and foremost as a woman. And what better way to send that message than via an intimately personal gift on Mother’s Day.

While some husbands may go the flowers or chocolate route this Mother’s Day, many more are opting to dip their toe into a more risqué arena. These spouses have discovered that the way to make their wife feel cherished is with some of the world's best sex toys designed to meet her specific needs and desires. Wherever the woman falls on the sexual spectrum, from fairly modest to quite adventurous, there are some of the world's best adult toys available on the market that are just for them.

At sites such as, the available gifts run the gamut from mildly sexy to the downright daring. Only a loving and attentive husband will know for sure what will ignite some passion in his wife. The key is to select an item that is just suggestive enough to slightly push the boundaries of the woman’s sexuality, while at the same time not placing her in a position where she is embarrassed or uncomfortable.

Additionally, the husband should make every effort to present this unique Mother’s Day gift to his wife in a way that suggests that the present is all about her and that he wants nothing more than her happiness. Many men tend to fall into the habit of purchasing sensual items for their wives that end up being truly for their sexual needs. The Naughty Nurse outfit from last Valentine’s Day? On the floor after 38 seconds. The vibrators or scented oils? Yes, the husband was on the receiving end of getting the massage. Or the sexy video featuring all lesbian scenes? Well, the husband enjoyed that a little too much as well.

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