Advice for the Parental Role in Student Athlete Recruiting

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Parents play a crucial role in helping their student athlete with their recruiting activities. It is critical to have goals set and to research the opportunities thoroughly for the best result. Athletic Quest releases the following list of advice for the parental role in student athlete recruiting.

There are few times more critical in a student athlete’s career than when searching for college recruiting and athletic scholarships. This opportunity only comes once in a lifetime; the student will only be at this age one time. Parents have maybe three years to put together a high school recruiting plan for their student athlete that could save up to $200,000. Huge dollars. That sport scholarship game plan takes considerable thought and planning, including academic requirements, performance consistency, skills, determination and confidence.

“When considering college recruiting and sport scholarships, you can’t afford to make mistakes,” says Coach John Scott, president and CEO of Athletic Quest. “The pursuit for an athletic scholarship is a complex journey, and you only get one shot at it. That’s why parents and the student athlete need as much professional help as possible.

“One of the first questions I ask parents is, ‘Who would know more about college recruiting than a college coach?’ The answer is: An entire team of college coaches. And that’s the power of Athletic Quest. Our team is comprised of all coaches — the only team of its kind in the industry.”

Over the years the college coaches at Athletic Quest have heard thousands of questions — whether it’s about football recruiting, basketball recruiting, or college recruiting for any other sport. The following questions are what these coaches first ask of the parents.

(1) How many college coaches have contacted you?
If your answer is less than five, no one knows about your student athlete. You’re not on anyone’s college recruiting list and most colleges don’t have the budget to find you (typical college recruiting budgets are less than $2,000 per year).

Here’s a tip: If you haven’t received dozens of letters by your student’s sophomore year, your child may not be a Division I athlete, and only 10% of all college opportunities are NCAA Division I.

Here’s another bit of advice: There are over 2,000 colleges with athletic programs — you may not have heard of many of them, and chances are they haven’t heard of you either.

(2) How much money have you spent since your student was in the 8th grade on camps, tournaments, and showcases?
Be honest. In reflecting on how much money you’ve already spent, would you consider investing a few hundred to a few thousand dollars if it meant receiving a return of up to $200,000 for a four-year college education for your son or daughter? Investing that money may provide your student athlete with 20 or more legitimate college recruiting and athletic scholarship opportunities. That’s the power of Athletic Quest — bringing remarkable results for close to 100% of the students they accept into their program.

(3) As a parent, what’s your goal for your student athlete?
If your goal is to provide every opportunity for your son or daughter to get a better education and to have the best opportunities to play college sports, then Athletic Quest has a plan for success for you. The role of a parent in the development of a student athlete is to recognize that sports are a privilege and that academics come first. That’s critical. Parents need to be a positive polarization for the student and to support the student with tools and resources to help them develop as an athlete and scholar. Don’t demand that your son or daughter be perfect, but support them in their progress and efforts. Don’t live and die with every play on the field or court!

(4) How can I get my son/daughter noticed by college coaches?
Athletic Quest has a proven plan for both academic and athletic success. Our academic plan includes proper study habits and a path to elevating the grades of your daughter or son. We have a carefully constructed ‘road map’ built by academic specialists and college coaches that will take you and your child successfully down the college recruiting road. Nearly 100% of Athletic Quest clients get multiple offers from various college programs. Choose the right program for your needs, work with our resources and material, consult with our college coaches, and capitalize on our #1 rated college recruiting and sport scholarship website,

“You might think it’s interesting that I often talk about how few students we accept into our college recruiting and athletic scholarship program,” reports Coach Scott, “but I think it’s important to recognize that our program is very successful — 100% successful — and that’s because we only select the kids who are going to stay on point with our program. And of course parents play a major role in keeping them on point. We know what it takes, and we know how to recognize that potential in every individual student athlete. In fact, a former big wig in the recruiting industry from an industry competitor said, ‘You guys are the Rolls Royce of the industry because you’re the only ones who will turn people down.’

“We don’t evaluate just the athletic prowess of the student,” says Coach Scott. “We assess their weak points and show them know how to improve. We give them a window of time to follow for both academic and athletic goals. We do whatever it takes to keep them on track within the game plan.

“Another common question we get from parents,” continues Coach Scott, “is whether we can make sure the student is recruited by a specific college like Utah, USC, or Florida. Our answer is always no. However, if they’re that level of athlete and they hit their academic marks, then the answer may quickly toggle over to yes. What parents need to remember is that these colleges recruit that athlete’s player position every three years. And only 1 in 100 senior players in that position will go on to play Division I. There are no guarantees, other than the fact that we’ll always do our very best for each individual student.”

How much does this service cost? “Number one, we’re going to turn down three out of four athletes who want to become a college recruiting and athletic scholarship client of ours. So I wouldn’t worry about cost; I’d worry about whether or not you’re on track to see if a team of college coaches wants to accept you as a student athlete into our program. Here’s an eye-opener: It’s going to cost you $50,000 to $200,000 if you DON’T get some help to pay for college. If you do have a chance to work with us, you’re going to wind up investing a few hundred or a few thousand dollars. Where in the universe can you invest that kind of money and average an $84,000 return to pay for college?

“We also offer a money-back guarantee — who else does that? If you follow the game plan we outline and you don’t get back what you’ve invested with us in the form of offers from colleges, you’ll give you your money back.”

Every athlete and every parent is different. The Athletic Quest team of coaches is all about figuring out the best collegiate fit for your son or daughter in each situation. “We address a myriad of issues individually, depending upon the dynamics,” states Coach Scott. “Parents are getting hundreds of years of experience from our team of college coaches, as well as a background of solving tough cases.”

Athletic Quest can be contacted by visiting or by calling 888-803-5157. Call Athletic Quest for a free evaluation ($50.00 value) or to visit with a college coach recruiter.

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