Titanic Love Affairs Go On and On with Antique Style Heart Pendants from Topazery Jewelry

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The Titanic disaster may now be a 100-year-old historical event, but its romantic appeal still goes on and on, thanks in large part to the blockbuster James Cameron movie featuring it. As that film makes its way back into movie theaters – and movie lovers’ hearts – in honor of the centennial anniversary of the ship's sinking, antique jewelry boutique Topazery has added to its inventory two antique style heart pendants in the vein of the Heart of the Ocean necklace.

Antique Style Heart Shaped Pendant

Antique Style Heart Shaped Pendant Rose and Jack Might Have Chosen

Titanic movie fans will forever link the heart-shaped pendant featured in the film with love so enduring that even death cannot sever it.

Romantic “Titanic” fans who uttered the same guttural cry of remorse Rose did when she finally let the Heart of the Ocean necklace slip into the Atlantic’s chilly waters can recapture the sentiment behind that unforgettable jewelry piece. Topazery Jewelry an online boutique that specializes in vintage and antique pendants and necklaces like the one featured in the second highest-grossing movie of all time, is currently carrying two antique style pendants that would do a love like Jack and Rose’s proud.

According to a recent “Scientific American” article titled “The Real Heart of the Ocean,” the necklace around which Jack and Rose’s fictional “Titanic” love affair revolved actually existed. Although the real deal “wasn’t a blue diamond, … wasn’t heart-shaped … and wasn’t called the Heart of the Ocean,” there was “definitely a love story involved.” And like the movie’s female protagonist, Rose, its owner lost the love of her life when the ocean liner cataclysmically collided with an iceberg 100 years ago.

The genuine article, which is “now known as The Love of the Sea,” actually featured a rectangular sapphire surrounded by diamonds and was set in platinum, but “Titanic” fans will forever link the heart-shaped pendant featured in the film with love so enduring even death cannot sever it. Despite an elderly Rose dropping that pivotal jewelry piece into the ocean in the film’s penultimate scene, all is not lost for those who covet it. Devotees of the ill-fated would-be Mr. and Mrs. Dawson can now own their very own heart that goes on and on.

In honor of the 100-year anniversary of the Titanic’s sinking, and the re-release of the massively popular film, the antique jewelry boutique Topazery is currently carrying two heart-shaped pendants. The first, a vintage style 14k white gold pendant is classically simple in a way Rose would have approved of. It features six cut-out hearts surrounding a focal point open-weave heart. Each of the exterior hearts is accented with a diamond.

For those “Titanic” fans who favor more lavish attention being paid to them like the sunken ship’s first-class passengers enjoyed, Topazery also carries a fancier heart-shaped pendant. This large open-work heart is encircled by a grapevine wreath with diamond dusted roses tucked amongst its branches. Both Titanic-esque pendant necklaces are made from original 1930’s molds, giving them the ageless antique appeal of the 100-year-old seafaring disaster’s famous necklace.

For more information on how to honor a never-ending love affair with an antique style pendant that is as eternal as the love between Titanic’s Jack and Rose, contact Jan Walden at (678) 528-8901. To see the antique style heart pendants Topazery Jewelry currently has to offer, visit Topazery.com.

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