Double Time Spent By Visitors on Websites by Adding VOD

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Video-On-Demand becoming powerful tool for attracting more visitors to websites and keeping them there longer. Houston marketing and advertising agency offers tips to get started.

“Video on demand is here and it’s not going anywhere,” said On-Target! owner and president Scott Steiner. “Adding VOD is not a monster task. You don’t have to have a large budget to get a useful and powerful video marketing tool for your website.”

Video-On-Demand (VOD) is one of the most powerful search engine optimized (SEO) tools to market your product online, attract more visitors to you website and keep them there longer. A recent study of small business websites that added VOD content by On-Target Marketing & Advertising found that the average visitor spent twice as much time on the website.

When On-Target! proposed the concept of sharing what living at Lakes of Bella Terra is really like through online video testimonials, Ryko Development embraced the idea. As a result, of the extensive use of video on, the average visitor is spending nearly six minutes on the website. That is over double the time spent on the site prior to adding the video. On-Target Marketing & Advertising has been teaching clients the benefits of adding VOD, which includes generating more leads. More leads means more business.

Looking into the eyes of a mid 20s woman who purchased a home in Lakes of Bella Terra and hearing her share her sense of accomplishment can’t be reproduced in text. Now website visitors can see and hear her conviction.

“We knew we had great stories to be told by the homeowner, but something was lost when we tried to express her feelings in text,” says Scott Steiner, On Target! owner. “Video testimonials capture those feelings and show the passion of the homeowner and why she loves Lakes of Bella Terra.”

VOD ads are everywhere and we’re spending more time watching them. Neilson, the company that rates Television programs, predicts that within two years, more than 90% of all web traffic will be video on demand.

And since Google now owns You Tube, VOD now plays a larger role in search engine optimization (SEO). “That’s what it is all about,” Steiner said. “Helping more people find your website. More traffic. More leads. More business.”

So how does one get started? Here are a few tips to keep in mind when planning VOD:

  •     Brevity. In this case shorter is better. Keeping a video 2 – 3 minutes maximum has the better chance of keeping the viewer’s attention. Run longer and the viewer could be lost
  •     Be a storyteller. Don’t just tell them what is being sold. Tell and show them why this product is the best. Let them see and hear from happy customers. Nothing is more powerful than a true customer testimonial.
  •     Don’t be a talking head. Even TV news is straying away from the news anchor at the desk. Engage and inspire your viewers. Shake things up a bit. Think graphics, music, animation, content. Include some action shots if possible. For example if one owns a landscaping company, before and after shots are always successful but don’t forget to show the crew in action, digging, mowing and working.
  •     Tell viewers what they should do. Make sure a video has a “call to action.” If sales are the goal, make it easy. Direct them to a button on the website to order or request more information. Make it simple and clear to find.
  •     Keep in mind where viewers are watching. In this tech-savvy age, it can be anywhere thanks to tablets and smartphones. Web ad videos should be shot, edited and formatted to view on any device.
  •     Determine the audience. Who is the target? One video may not serve all customers. For example, if one sells specific products to individuals and specific products to businesses, more than one video might be needed. One video could profile the company. Another could reach out to individuals and a third to businesses.

“Video on demand is here and it’s not going anywhere,” Steiner added. “Adding VOD is not a monster task. You don’t have to have a large budget to get a useful and powerful video marketing tool for your website.”

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