Solar PV Monitoring & Solar Thermal Monitoring Ensures Optimal Renewable Energy Payback, Says Wattsure

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With recently falling feed in tariff rates affecting solar PV electricity payback, solar thermal and solar PV monitoring is becoming essential to ensure payback, says manufacturer Wattsure. Too few domestic and commercial installations understand exactly how much energy they are producing, or know soon enough when faults occur.

Wind, solar thermal and solar PV monitoring is essential to ensure optimal renewable energy production and payback.

Despite recent cuts in the feed in tariff, solar PV is still profitable. But renewable energy production can no longer be left to chance. Even minor dips in performance can significantly affect long term payback and return on investment. Across large commercial renewable energy systems, any inefficiency can lead to lower profitability in the long term. Ultimately, renewable energy is about efficiency. The only way to guarantee efficiency is to monitor it constantly with wind, solar thermal & solar PV monitoring.

Wattsure's green energy monitoring can deploy across solar PV installations, wind turbines and solar thermal systems, providing near real time (every 10 minutes) tracking of energy production. Using a wired or wifi connection (or GPRS module via a mobilh phone network) data is relayed to Wattsure's central systems and data is aggregated into a simple and clear but highly effective reporting system which shows:

  • Solar PV generation
  • Solar Thermal production
  • Wind turbine production
  • Meter readings
  • CO2 saved today
  • Energy generated today & total energy (KWh)
  • Estimated FIT electricity buyback
  • Annual energy production

Additional modules such as a weather station can be added, measuring wind speed, humidity, temerpature and barometric pressure.

"We believe the importance of the system lies in its simplicity. All data is relayed to an internet dashboard which can be accessed online or via an iPhone mobile app. The data is automatically visualised as graphs making for easy interpretation." says Will Grafton, Director of Wattsure.

But the advantages of wind, thermal and solar PV monitoring aren't simply tracking data and understanding value of payback - though this is essential for peace of mind and, in the case of commercial systems, clear and fast reporting. Wattsure's systems also include fault reporting. Whether a shading issue, inverter problem, or some other fault - as soon as energy production dips, engineers at Wattsure are immediately notified to escalate and take remedial action.

Originally designed for tracking solar PV production, it was a natural progression to offer a heat monitoring service for renewable energy technologies such as solar thermal. Wattsure are proud to have been chosen as a partner by Secon Solar. Secon Solar supply high quality products to the solar thermal industry and have chosen WattSure as their partner for RHI approved heat monitors.

Wattsure's systems were also chosen by Body Shop to monitor its 883kWp solar PV system, the largest single solar PV system in the UK.

The company is keen to keep innovating. Just out of development is the first stage of Wattsure's new advanced commercial dashboard. This is for commercial sites typically with solar pv arrays using multiple inverters. The new dashboard will show the live performance of the array and its output throughout the day. The data can be interrogated further by looking at inverter performance throughout the day and highlighting any inverters that are underperforming. This important addition to the dashboard capabilities makes it even easier to ensure systems are performing at their utmost efficiency and delivering maximum energy cost savings. More enhancements are in production now including accurate solar radiation versus system output.

Technical Details

-The WattSure unit has sizes of heat monitor to suit the full range of both
domestic and commercial applications

  • Fully reliable, WattSure heat monitors are fully approved and

EN1434 Class 2, MID004 and RHI compliant for use in solar thermal
systems where glycol is used.

  • Each meter is individually calibrated to match the glycol requirements

being used.

About Wattsure

WattSure is an independent renewable energy monitoring company that develops and supplies monitoring technology and services to the renewable industry. The software behind WattSure was developed in-house by our team of IT and telecommunication experts who have continued to enhance and develop its capabilities to remain at the forefront of this complex and demanding industry.

The multi-award winning WattSure product is proven to be reliable and remains highly flexible, able to read data from multiple sources across different forms of renewable energy generation including solar PV, solar thermal monitoring and wind turbines. The data is displayed on a dedicated webpage hosted by WattSure and accessible via the internet.

Available to all who work within the renewable industry WattSure is particularly sought by installers, OEMs and multi-site commercial entities who are able to access top level data across all their sites as well as individual site detail. This is a highly beneficial management tool.

For interviews, please contact Wattsure on 0845 052 2837.

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