Dr. Dale's Nuclear Anti-Radiation Diet: a 21st Century Strategy to Fallout

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Dr. Theresa Dale PhD, CCN, NP, of the Wellness Center for Research and Education, responds to a threat of radiation contamination to foods and supplies prompting us to reconsider our lifestyle, diet and choice of supplementation support.

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There is a delicate balance of nutrients necessary for proper functioning of all the body’s systems.

Dr. Theresa Dale PhD, CCN, NP, of the Wellness Center for Research and Education, responds to recent news articles that indicate there may be a major widespread nuclear radiation exposure occurring due to Japan’s Fukushima accident in 2011 (http://www.enenews.com, a world Energy News and archive site).

According to Dr. Dale, unless the Japanese government entombs the entire Fukushima Plant as was done 25 years ago at Chernobyl, it will continue spewing into the environment, land, sea and air. A threat of radiation contamination to foods and supplies prompting us to reconsider our lifestyle, diet and choice of supplementation support.

In view of a contamination threat, Dr. Dale advocates we reconsider now our lifestyle, diet and choice of supplementation to naturally support the immune system to protect itself from ionizing radiation. When discussing ‘dangerous radiation levels’, most people refer to the ionizing radiation at levels reaching far above average ‘background radiation levels’ experienced every day. On the other hand, non-ionizing radiation such as visible light, radar, microwaves and radio waves are virtually harmless by comparison. Potential health effects of low frequency non-ionizing radiation devices such as common wireless phones are the subject of an ongoing examination by the Parliament Council of Europe (2011 document 12608). In contrast, ionizing radiation by definition is excessive energy, mass produced by unstable atoms. Dr. Theresa Dale, founder of the Wellness Center for Research and Education, notes that ionizing radiation is powerful enough to break molecular bonds in living tissue, causing damage and in extreme cases, death. Whenever ionizing radiation passes through living tissue, or are ingested, they have the potential of removing electrons from atoms, turning them into positively charged particles, or ions, which may possibly damage body’s cells.

Dr. Dale feels that the urgency under deliberation is the risk involved when every organism in the food chain is jeopardized. Radiation contamination to food and water supplies should motivate continued testing not only in Japan, but in countries around the globe, including here in the U.S. Meanwhile, Dr. Dale has put a dietary and supplementation plan together that is research based and sensible, designed to enhance the immune system.

After a direct experience with radiation exposure from the Chernobyl disaster, Dr. Theresa Dale of the Wellness Center for Research and Education, created a distinct product called HGP to repair the pathway that produces Glutathione in the body. Dr. Dale discerned that the best way to naturally recover from radiation is to actually fix the pathway in the body that detoxifies it - The Hepatic Glutathione Pathway. The key to repairing the pathway is so the body is able to detoxify, correct and protect itself from free radicals. Repairing the pathway using the Hepatic Glutathione Pathway (HGP) formula blend is much more effective than wasting money using expensive Glutathione supplementation.

Dr. Dale went a step further and put together an Anti-Radiation Protection Protocol to be used in conjunction with HGP – a Homeopathic RadiationX formula and a biologically available BioIodine supplement. The dosage depends on exposure length and proximity to the nuclear plant. Seaweed varieties are known sources of iodine and when found sourced from the U.S., appear to be safe. For additional defense, Dr. Dale’s Anti-Radiation Protocol also involves using Vitamin D3, an Optimal Multi Pro vitamin and Nano Ionic Minerals with Silica, along with the Ocean Med’s supplement that has high amounts of Fucoidan, a seaweed extract used for cancer and other health issues.

So what would a 21st Century Nuclear First Aid Anti-Radiation kit look like? For a start consider Dr. Theresa Dale’s Hepatic Glutathione Pathway formula, along with her Homeopathic RadiationX formula and BioIodine supplement product, available by contacting the Wellness Center for Research and Education; not forgetting to pack a few tasty, crisp, organic algae snack foods.

There are a plethora of diets in this day and age, but Dr. Dale says the Nuclear Anti-Radiation Diet should demand fullest attention. Based on research at the Institute of Radiation Medicine in Minsk and by Israeli scientists treating Chernobyl children with spirulina, Chlorella algae, or Dunaliella algae, it was found that these micro-algae foods helped normalize blood chemistry. In short, after radioactive exposure, eating seaweeds and algae’s are advised but do not eat foods that have been contaminated with fallout. Dr. Dale recommends that if a food supply has been exposed to radiation, consumers buy frozen veggies but find out where and when they are grown and packaged. According to Dale, an Anti-Radiation Diet should focus on the following organic foods:

Whatever the outcome of Fukushima or other nuclear plants making headlines, such as San Onofre, CA, or Salem, NJ, Dr. Dale feels a personal strategy change is needed to transition over to a powerful, whole plant food based diet that can improve detoxification of nuclides or radioactive elements. Dietary plant fibers, sulfur-containing antioxidants found in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, kale, and cabbage, along with pectin in fruits, and Green tea have all been shown to reduce levels of radioactive substances and provide protection against free radical damage. In addition, the Wellness Center for Research and Education recommends supplementation using specific Anti-Radiation formulas such as the Hepatic Glutathione Pathway formula, Homeopathic RadiationX, and BioIodine that can support the immune system and assist the body in detoxification and rejuvenation.    

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Theresa Dale, PhD, CCN, NP
Founder, The Wellness Center for Research & Education, Inc.
Dean, California College of Natural Medicine

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