Burris Institute Releases Free eBook Based on its Rand Compliant Evidence-Based PTSD Solution

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Burris Institute is providing military personnel and their families with a download of three eBooks which are based on its proven evidence-based solution for PTSD and depression.

Burris Institute announced today the release of a free eBook based on its Rand compliant evidence-based PTSD solution. Along with “SR® for Warriors” two other eBooks are being made available for Adults and ages 7-17 which cover military families. All three eBooks are in PDF format and are available for download now at http://www.burrisconnect.com/user/kelly-burris-phd.

The eBooks are the foundation for the Subconscious Restructuring® (SR®) process introduced by the Burris Institute into psychiatric care and used by psychologists, counselors and life coaches who work with a full range of behavior disorders including depression, PTSD, suicide prevention, relationships, weight loss, anorexia, OCD and ADHD.

“It (SR®) goes all the way to results. It does not mire itself down in the past history of a client and the emotional traumas because these are simply not necessary to move forward,” said Brian Howard, MA. “This program is possibly more effective than the majority if not all of the programs that a clinical psychologist can offer.”

Also seen to benefit from SR® are psychologists and patients in general. With over 10 percent of the US population over the age of six on some form of antidepressant, and myocardial infarction (heart attack) a contraindication for many of these medications, it makes perfect sense to use an evidence-based process for all behavior disorders.

“The claim of an evidence-based behavioral health solution must be accompanied by clearly defining behavioral epidemiology (behavior cause and control) and then clearly defining the term evidence-based,” says Kelly Burris, PhD. Burris Institute has clearly defined these terms in its epidemiology section here http://www.burrisinstitute.com/life-coach/studies-and-results/subconscious-restructuring-epidemiology.

About Burris Institute
Burris Institute offers counseling, life coach training and certification in the evidenced-based SR® process and evidence-based counseling and coaching form its Burris Connect website. Burris Connect was introduced in 2009 to enable SR® counselors to work with combat veterans remotely who were suffering from PTSD and stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Kelly Burris, PhD is the author of nine books on human behavior, developer of SR® and CEO at Burris Institute. He may be reached at (310) 601-7623 or through the Burris Institute website at http://www.BurrisInstitute.com.
Burris Institute is located at 468 North Camden Drive, Suite 333, Beverly Hills, CA.

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