Futuristic Interior Design Branding by Cuoco Black, Inspired by the film Terminator 2-Judgment Day, Helps Fitness Center Defeat its Competitors and Move Into the Future

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Faced with stiff competition in a saturated real estate market Mid City Gym, one of the the country's oldest fitness centers, incorporates Interior Design Branding as a component to an expansion plan. The design concept by Cuoco Black titled MORPHED…is an eye catching, action packed, Hollywood-esque environment for physical fitness and personal training.

Interior Design Branding By Cuoco Black

Above Image: Mid City Gym Below Image: T 1000 Morphing From Floor

Abandon the boutique design aesthetic and go organic…all roads lead to the Brand

Mid City Gym is one of the oldest operating fitness centers in the United States. It was the must-stop training camp for the circuit traveling bodybuilders of legend in league with Hollywood celebrities vying for a photo-op at the famous gym. Visitors to the club included a young Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dave Draper the “Blond Bomber,” Hulk Hogan and Sally Fields. Owner Vince Consalvo wanted to expand from overcrowded conditions at his existing 49th Street location and he elected for a subterranean concrete space on the edge of Times Square and 42nd Street. He knew interior design would help gain a foothold in a highly competitive market...the challenge was to identify his own design signature and brand.

“With 5 competing gyms within blocks of my new club, I knew that good interior design would give me an edge over my competitors, the problem was…I really didn’t know what good design meant” says Principal Vince Consalvo. Upon reviewing the work of noted health club and boutique designers Consalvo became frustrated in the exercise, he saw beautiful work, everyone however was doing the same kind of boutique design, I needed to stand out said Consalvo. A referral was made and he elected to interview an under the radar designer named Cuoco Black, noted for his restaurant and lounge designs in New York City and Paris France. “Abandon the boutique design aesthetic and go organic…all roads lead to the Brand” was the first recommendation made by Black to Consalvo.

The designer sought-out clues to create an interior design brand for the club and extracted a cobalt blue and orange color scheme from the existing facility. The colors were used to digitize a famous image of Arnold Schwarzenegger planned for the club, which in turn inspired the design concept-Morphed.

In the film Terminator 2, Judgment Day, a scene at a psychiatric hospital portrays the antagonist, a silver metallic T-1000 ‘Morphing’ up from a black and white checkerboard floor melding into the guise of an unsuspecting hospital guard creating his exact twin.

Seizing on this special effect, the designer selected a futuristic metallic cobalt blue and orange flooring tile specified in a checkerboard pattern which Morph's throughout the space. The tile sprawls dramatically across the gym floor, up the face and across the top of reception desk....it continues its uninterrupted pattern up the wall, across the ceiling; and upon reaching the wall at the other side of the gym...travels down to the floor from where it began. Blending chic elements into the space the designer incorporated metallic mannequins, metal curtains and vintage mirrors which added to the surreal interior design concept inspired by the Morphing scene in the film.. manifest as the signature brand for the club.

About Cuoco Black

Cuoco Black is a former faculty member of the New York School of Interior Design from which he holds a BFA with distinction and Professional Design Diploma.

He believes the art of interior design has been lost to the boutique design aesthetic and designs according to natural rhythms which reflect the spirit and personality of his clients. Artfully fusing harmonious flourishes of color and texture, seductive lighting and enchanting furnishings, he develops beautiful designs which express purpose, are a reflection of his client’s brand void of trending influences.

His work has been featured in the New York Times, Bloomberg.com, Bravo.com, FoodandWine.com, and Elle Décor FR. His design for the Experimental Cocktail Club in Paris France has garnered his clients a “Best Bars in the World Ranking” at #13, by Bartender’s Magazine.

Cuoco Black
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