The Impact of the Internet on the Sex Toy Industry

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The Adult Novelty Group Releases Statement On Simple Sensual Shopping

Sex toys for women have been a key component of the international marketplace for nearly a hundred years and it is an industry that is practically impervious to economic downturns. In fact, there are many instances where the business of sex toys actually flourishes in the midst of a depression or recession since people are more desperate than ever for joy in their lives.

Even though the adult toy business is economically stable, the entire industry experienced a healthy upturn with the advent of the Internet in the 1990s. While sex toys had long been readily available at adult stores nationwide, there remained something of a stigma attached to visiting such a retailer. In particular, women felt distinctly out of place patronizing an adult bookstore or sex-shop on the fringes of their town. In many cases, they would compel their partner to make the journey to the adult store or, more often, simply take non-sex toy devices and repurpose them in the bedroom (think: back massagers or vibrating toothbrushes).

However, the Internet opened up an entire new world for the sex toy consumer. Not only was the selection varied, but most online outlets will also take the time to explain the utilization and purpose of each adult toy. This makes awkward conversations with clerks a thing of the past, which is a huge relief to female consumers. At sites such as the device is described in a thorough and helpful manner, which makes the purchasing decisions much simpler than in a brick and mortar store.

Most online retailers help to create a very female friendly environment via their Internet presence and actually provide services more vast than just sex toys. Many sites offer sexual health advice, sex tips from trained professionals and quizzes relating to sexual health and well being. This makes the site a welcoming forum for women looking for assistance with their sexual health, even as they do a bit of sensual shopping along the way.

Per The Berman Center, 44% of adult women have used a sex toy at some point in their life. This is millions of women who now have the option of turning to the Internet for their sexual shopping needs, rather than face the potential embarrassment of looking someone in the eye as they hand over their credit card for a buzzing little treat for themselves. In short, the Internet has changed the landscape of sex toy shopping for sexually active individuals around the globe.

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