'Reputable PPI Reclaim Campaign' Launched Today

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A campign to help consumers claim back their Payment Protection Insurance safely is launched.

With billions of pounds worth of money waiting to be claimed the Mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance industry is a massive one. With this comes an inevitable group of financial companies wanting to make as much money as possible from unsuspecting consumers.

This week however, Easy PPI Reclaim launched a campaign to raise awareness of the reclaim companies looking to help the public and explain why consumers should be wary of advice regarding reclaim companies put out by the banks.

There are two ways consumers can reclaim their mis-sold PPI money from the banks. They can make a claim themselves with their bank or they can ask one of the many online reclaim http://www.easyppireclaim.co.uk/ companies to handle the claim for them.

The 'Reputable PPI Reclaim Campaign' seeks to help remind consumers how to make sure they deal with a reputable PPI Reclaim company. Easy PPI Reclaim want to make it clear to claimants that they should always ask about fees and any added charges placed on a claim and that they should never pay any money in advance.

The campaign will try to highlight some advantages to using a reputable claims company. A highly regarded PPI reclaim company, such as Easy PPI Reclaim, has the expertise in why insurance may have been mis-sold, and is able to draft & prepare the grounds for your claim properly. They can stand-up to big corporations and banks and ensure that a refund case isn’t ignored and delayed unduly. They also have the expertise of communicating directly with banks, which is something members of the public may hesitate doing on their own.

"The aim of the campaign is to remind the public that not all PPI reclaim companies are there to rip-off customers," said Natalie Kay from Easy PPI Reclaim.

"It shouldn’t be forgotten that it was PPI claims companies, such as Easy PPI Reclaim, which originally brought public awareness to this issue, and started to push for this money to be refunded to customers in the first place.

“If it was not for the pressure brought on the Banks due to the sheer volume of cases brought by claims management companies, the Banks would not have been forced to act and concede that they will set aside £9billion to repay mis-sold customers. Some of us are on the public's side."

The BBC reported last week that banks which had mis-sold PPI say they want to try to simplify the refund procedure, as well as explain to consumers why claims management companies are not worth using. However, Easy PPI Reclaim Marketing Consultant, Natalie Kay, believes this is just a case of the banks trying to deflect attention away from themselves and to further drag out the claims process, so they can hold on to the money they have set aside to pay out claims, for longer.

"The message we want to get out is that consumers should ask questions of their reclaim company - but also of their bank," added Kay. "Are banks trying to shift the focus away from their mis-selling of Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) and turn the very companies trying to help people re-claim money owed into the villains?

"Having potentially mis-sold insurance to 20 million people are the banks now trying to turn them off from reclaiming what is owed by 'putting them off' using a simple and quick method of reclaim?"

Easy PPI Reclaim specialises in quick & easy PPI claims. For more information about the firm's services, visit: http://www.easyppireclaim.co.uk reported or call 0800 644 0441.

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