Diablo 3 Leveling Author, Pro Gamer James Avery Reveals the Hidden Secrets to Level Effortlessly

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A dedicated Diablo 3 and MMORPG player with ten years of intensive experience unveils the powerful secrets to his success in his new Diablo 3 Leveling guide.

Diablo 3 Leveling Guide

Diablo 3 Leveling Guide

Rank to Level 60 in Diablo 3... Under 8 Days!

What is Diablo 3 Leveling About?

The Internet is currently brimming over with information about how to level up in Blizzard's exciting new game, Diablo 3. Any Google search will turn up thousands of hits on “Diablo 3 leveling”, “Diablo 3 power leveling”, “Diablo 3 speed leveling” and similar keywords.

However, James Avery has the actual experience from years of video gaming in some of the most demanding, competitive games – and hundreds of hours of Diablo 3 play – to ask – how much of this information is worth to a gamer looking to level quickly in Diablo 3?

His answer to this is the Diablo 3 Leveling guide, a reflection of his experience and carefully considered insight into the inner workings of the Diablo 3 leveling systems and the ways to use them, boosting your character up the level ladder twice or thrice as fast as ordinary players can manage.

The secret of how James gained such a deep understanding of how the game works and how to use its mechanics actively to boost your XP earning capacity to the maximum is that he has explored every aspect of the game during his time as a Beta tester and after the game was launched. As he explains it, “I've played through every single character class in the game and have built up all five … with legendary items … [and] recorded everything down and written up every possible method to ensure the optimum Diablo 3 leveling experience for all players”.

What You'll Get With Diablo 3 Leveling

The Diablo 3 Power Leveling guide is product of James Avery's incredibly detailed experience with the game – made available to players of all levels who want to stop bumbling through the lower levels and begin to charge irresistibly to level 60, while gaining legendary gear along the way. The expert knowledge gained over many months by James can be yours in a matter of moments thanks to this leveling guide, which is strengthened by James' understanding in many ways:

  • Individual Diablo 3 leveling guides by a skilled player who has actually played every class from level 1 to 60. The leveling data is clearly not just guesswork based on someone looking at the skill trees of each character, but has the rigor and high value of actual involvement with the class from the starting zone to the depths of Inferno difficulty.
  • James' insight into the powerful synergy between Followers and Artisans and the success of the characters that use them gives users a clear view of how to use followers to amplify your character's combat prowess, while enhancing their gear with the products of the most appropriate artisans. Followers and artisans are valuable assets and James shares his discoveries in which provide the maximum utility for each class and how to use them practically in-game to ensure the fastest Diablo 3 leveling possible.
  • The expert player's profound insight into Diablo 3 power leveling and the game structures that underlie it mean that he doesn't need hacks, cheats, or scams to send characters rocketing to level 60 in a few days. In turn, this means that users of his guide do not need to resort to such risky and dishonorable measures which will possible risk stiff penalties or even permanent bans.

To start leveling at blazing speed in Diablo, visit http://www.Diablo3Leveling.com and get your copy while the prices are still at their special introductory level. There are over 200 pages of high quality, condensed material that cuts to the chase and gives you information that you can start using today.

All classes are covered, there are complete sets of maps accompanied by screenshots for quick recognition of key places and creatures, free lifetime updates of the guide and a 60 day money back guarantee rounds out the package – all for the low price of $37. The secrets can be applied fruitfully by anyone interested in Diablo 3 power leveling – as one customer declared, “within 7 days, I was smoothly at level 48 … Diablo 3 Leveling rocks! Absolutely smoking brilliant”.

James Avery is a highly qualified Diablo 3 power leveling expert. With intensive experience in Doom 2, Ultima Online, Dark Age of Camelot, Diablo, Diablo II, SWTOR and World of Warcraft, James has been playing for over 10 years and has been a top Diablo 3 player since 2012. Diablo 3 Leveling is a highly professional result of James' experience and analytical approach to maximum speed leveling in video games, and is set to become an industry benchmark for leading Diablo 3 leveling guides.

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