Quintel announces MultiWav, The World’s 1st Quadband Passive Antenna with Adaptive Uplink Elevation Beamsteering, and Independent Downlink Tilt

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Quintel’s has just completed the development of MultiWav that enables the Quintel 8-Port Passive Antenna to plug into any OEM 2T4R basestation or RRH at 1710-2170MHz providing adaptive Uplink tilt-per-user with Independent Downlink tilt

Quintel®, the leading innovator of highly efficient antennas for wireless networks, has just completed the development of its MultiWav product, the world's first fully passive single X-Pol antenna that provides adaptive Uplink tilt-per-user and independent variable Downlink tilt. Our first antenna in this family, which exploits Quintel’s patented QTiltTM technology, has 4 ports for delivering the tilt-per-user beamsteering capabilities in the 1710-2170MHz band, plus 2 ports for 700MHz band and 2 ports for 850MHz band; each band with independent tilt, and all packaged in a single slim-line 12” (300mm) wide antenna. This enables existing antenna-constrained sites to be upgraded to provide 700MHz & 850MHz services via 2T2R base station connections, plus LTE at AWS or PCS bands with uplink tilt-per-user beamsteering capability, all with a single antenna replacement. Quintel MultiWav antenna solutions leverage the existing 4-Way Maximal Ratio Combining (MRC) or equivalent feature of 2T4R basestations to provide the adaptive beam tilt-per-user on the uplink simply via standard RF connections. This beamsteering capability is provided with no changes required to the basestation or remote radio head to implement this advanced beamsteering capability. The ability to separately optimize the LTE downlink from the uplink and to have the uplink in effect track each user in real time can provide significant improvements in intercell interference, throughput, network efficiency, and quality of service.

Adaptive Beamsteering in Elevation is particularly effective for tall interference limited Macro sites, offering over 100% throughput gain at the cell edges. While alternative methods require at least two antennas, only a single Quintel MulitWav Quadband 8 Port Antenna is required and thereby mitigates tower loading concerns and maximizes the operator’s ability to optimize each service independently while rapidly introducing new services. Technology agnostic, each band provides flexibility for existing and future technologies such as GSM/EDGE, UMTS/HSPA, CDMA/EVDO, LTE/LTE-Advanced. Except for the adaptive Uplink which is automatically controlled by the basestation 4-Way MRC, tilt settings for each band are controlled independently via internal RET actuators compliant to AISG1.1, AISG2.0 and 3GPP protocols.

Operators no longer have to compromise one network over another or wait for “active antenna” type functionality. With Quintel’s MultiWav products, they can start realizing today the benefits of adaptive per-user-tilting on their LTE Uplink while still having the multibanding capabilities they require to efficiently managing their other technology’s capacity goals over the major North American frequency bands. “This continues our tradition of reducing their opex per subscriber and squeezing out the most value from their existing assets,” said Joe Veni, Quintel’s Vice President of Sales and Business Development.

Quintel Antenna Solutions
Unlike conventional multi-port antennas or promised active antennas, Quintel’s portfolio empowers operators today to reduce unnecessary infrastructure and thereby allowing them to more quickly and efficiently expand their services and networks. Four years of North America, European and Indian deployments, are demonstrating positive and measurable performance and economic results relative to operator coverage through height gain, increased antenna consolidation, and additional cost savings on both initial capital outlays and recurring operating expenses. By benefiting from a combination of antenna consolidation and optimal height gain, operators deploy faster, with lower costs, and fully maintain their desired quality of service with complete reliability and minimal downtime.

About Quintel
Quintel is an innovative leader in wireless network antenna technology development and manufacturing solutions. The company’s products enable global wireless operators to independently deploy and optimize multiple air interfaces or services on a single standard antenna platform. Quintel is the only antenna supplier whose products can increase a wireless network’s capacity, and the number of services, without increasing the number of antennas or size. Our core technologies originated in the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence, and are now deployed throughout the world. Quintel is headquartered in Rochester, New York with additional offices throughout North America, Europe and Asia. More information about Quintel is available at http://www.quintelsolutions.com.

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