Mad Cow Disease: Should Food Safety Be a Parent’s First Concern?

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In a recent report in the Los Angeles Times, Mad Cow Disease was found at a meat processing plant in California, signaling trouble in America’s food supply. Parents have concerns about the foods they feed their children and are on the lookout for safe, healthy foods they can feed their family. SevenPoint2 offers a healthy alternative to traditional processed foods that children will like and parents will feel safe offering them.

The Los Angeles times reported in April 2012 about an incidence of "Mad Cow Disease" at a California meat processing plant. The discovery is a troublesome reminder that food safety risk still exist in the food distribution system. Everything from ground beef to vegetables have been recalled in recent years and processed food products add to a growing concern to parents. It is increasingly difficult to know the composition of the foods fed to children. Though many shop the aisles of grocery stores with good intentions, they can be hard-pressed to make informed decisions.

Labeling laws help to inform about the makeup of a product, but laws can also limit the detail provided in the labeling of processed foods. Product labeling is tightly controlled in regards to genetically modified ingredients and unless a product label specifically indicates that a food item does not contain GMO additives, there is no requirement that GMO additives be listed. As a shopper strolling the canned food aisle, it can be challenging to examine every product label and make on the spot determinations about the quality / safety of the product.

Children clamor for everything sweet, and loving parents aim to please. But they know that too much of a good thing can be a bad thing, and so finding pleasing alternatives that are both healthy and safe for our children is a top priority. Recently, a new wave of health-conscious food products have come to market which are worthy of consideration for children and adults. One new company is leading the way with a healthy “Greens” line of 100% certified organic greens food products.

SevenPoint2 bills itself as “The Alkaline Company,” leader of the Alkaline Movement. SevenPoint2 provides products that are organic, vegan, kosher, sugar-free, non-GMO, and that contain no gluten, soy, whey or dairy ingredients. The proprietary Shake formula is an excellent, high-quality, low-carbohydrate protein source. The 7.2 Shake product is high in fiber and provides an extensive array of naturally-occurring amino acids. For diabetics, this low-glycemic, high-performance vegetarian super food provides an excellent alternative to the mainstream processed food products filled with sugar and carbohydrates. For children, it is the perfect supplement.

Parents know that children can be picky about taste. And healthy does not necessarily mean tasty (at least that is the common perception). But SevenPoint2 has a growing following of parents who have found that children love the taste of their products. Though it does not contain sugar, sucralose, or aspartame, it is naturally sweet. The use of plant-based Stevia as a sweetener makes for a tasty drink kids just love.

Check out the YouTube videos of kids drinking the shake - not a drop left behind. And if this great tasting alternative is healthy for them (and for you), all the better. These days, a parent’s first concern shouldn’t have to be about the safety of the food supply, it should be more about the healthy choices that children will like, and clamor for more.

To learn more about SevenPoint2, visit and be sure to checkout the videos of happy healthy kids enjoying the product at

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"The Alkaline Company making it Simple & Easy to Alkalize Your Body". SevenPoint2 shares knowledge about and creates products for our most precious resource, our health. With great health, we actively enjoy each day. SevenPoint2 educates people on the high value of a balanced 7.2 pH body and creates the foundation for anti-aging and optimum health through an Alkaline Diet. SevenPoint2 leads the “Alkaline Movement” with the safest, most satisfying health products available to the public today.

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