Eaton Compressor Announces Introduction of their Nex-Gen Line of Polar Air Rotary Screw Air Compressors

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Eaton Compressor is one of the top manufacturers of air compressors and air products in the United States and is located near Dayton, OH. Today they introduce their “Nex-Gen” line of Polar Air rotary screw air compressors.

I’ve never been as excited about a product launch as I am about the introduction of our new “Nex-Gen” Polar Air rotary screw product. We were able to develop a world class product and still bring it to our customers at an extremely competitive price.

Eaton Compressor announced today the introduction of their “Nex-Gen” line of Polar Air rotary screw air compressors. Featuring only the highest quality components, Eaton Compressor’s new “Nex-Gen” line of Polar Air rotary screw air compressors will represent their best rotary screw air compressor product yet.

Eaton Compressor is certainly excited about the introduction. Company Owner & President – Matt Cain say’s, “Our new line of rotary screw compressors will, without a doubt, be our best product yet. We have completely re-designed and re-engineered our rotary screw product—upgrading quality, improving performance, and enhancing functionality to bring a better product and a better value to our customers.” Cain added, “We’ve basically upgraded every aspect of this rotary screw product from the cabinet design and user interface, all the way through the electrical and mechanical components, down to the fittings and hoses.”

Eaton Compressor reports a sampling of some of the exciting new features of their new “Nex-Gen” rotary screw product will feature are:

-“Variable Speed Drive ready,” sound-attenuating cabinets lined with premium sound-dampening material plus vibration isolators for stable, ultra-quiet operation.
-Premium quality, precision-engineered air ends from ROTORCOMP (Germany) and Gardner/Denver (Finland) – regarded as the best in the world today.
-Heavy industrial quality, premium efficiency, NEMA standard, (UL/CSA-compliant) electric motors from Baldor, Lincoln, Weg, and Hyundai Heavy Industries.
-Top quality high-temp hydraulic hoses by SEL.
-High quality, precision-machined thread fittings with copper crush washers that prevent leaks.
-Oil lines manufactured from high quality steel and CNC bent for precision that will last the life-time of the machine.
-Progressively innovative new intake valve assemblies from Italian manufacturer VMC.
-Premium quality Spin-On air, oil, and separator filters from Germany’s Mann-Hummel.
-Programmable PLC’s from Italian manufacturer Logika-Control that monitor all critical functions of the compressor, allow the user to program up to three daily working cycles per day, include RS232 serial port for master/slave connection to another compatible compressor, and have remote interface capability.

“I’ve never been as excited about a product launch as I am about the introduction of our new “Nex-Gen” Polar Air rotary screw product. We were able to develop a world class product and still bring it to our customers at an extremely competitive price,” says Cain.

Eaton Compressor was also asked about how they can offer such competitive prices and about the continuing trend of many manufacturers here in the U.S. utilizing parts from China to keep product costs down to remain competitive in the marketplace. Matt Cain, Owner said, “Everyone is aware that this continues to be a trend among U.S. companies in this competitive global economy and in some cases it is arguably a necessity to remain competitive. We are always mindful of controlling costs in order to bring the lowest cost product to our customers at great factory direct prices, and everyone recognizes that one way to do this is to use components from Chinese manufacturers. We have experimented with this and the bottom line is that we’ve found that the reality is that many Chinese manufacturers still struggle with consistency in quality.”

Cain added emphatically, “Saving a few dollars is not worth compromising the quality and performance of the products we build for our customers. Risking the reputation of our good name isn’t worth it either! This is why we do not use any components from China in our new 'Nex-Gen' line of Polar Air rotary screw product! Our new line of rotary screw product is designed, engineered, and built right here in the U.S. and features only the highest quality componentry from here in the U.S. and from quality-minded manufacturers in places in Europe such as Germany and Italy.”

Eaton Compressor’s new rotary screw lineup features sizes from 7.5HP to 400 HP in three-phase power and up to 20HP in single phase. The new product utilizes both “Belt-Driven” and “Direct-Drive” drive systems, and all models include wye-delta soft start standard with VSD options available. “Stand-alone” as well as “package” configurations (with tank and/or air dryers) are available in the new Polar Air “Nex-Gen” rotary screw line. The “Nex-Gen” series will also feature water-cooled options up to 400 HP.

Eaton Compressor also highlights that one thing that Owner Matt Cain is especially excited about regarding this new rotary screw product is the company’s “Pure Energy” series product featuring variable speed drive control. “Our Pure Energy series product is the most energy efficient product we’ve ever had, and it can save customers real money”, says Cain. “’Variable Speed Drive’ technology allows a customer’s unit to operate by load demand. In many cases, the electric motor in one of our Pure Energy VSD driven units will only be running at anywhere from 20% - 33% of full rpm capacity and only part of the time. Lower rpm’s on the electric motor during operation, equal lower amp draws from your electrical supply, which in turn equal bottom line energy savings for the customer.”

Cain closed by saying, “The bottom line on our new Polar Air 'Nex-Gen' rotary screw compressor product is that we believe it is truly a top-quality, world class product that represents a great value to our customers.”

The organization also boasts one of the top warranty programs in the compressor market. The company offers a 5 YR parts warranty on the it’s “Nex-Gen” product covering the cabinet, motor, and electrical components – and an extended 10 YR warranty on their premium air ends which is not pro-rated and is not subject to upcharge (terms & conditions apply). Company Owner Matt Cain says of his company’s warranty, “I am confident that the warranty we offer on our new “Nex-Gen” product is the best in the compressor industry today! The premium components that we use in this product give me the confidence to be able to offer warranty programs like this which are such an incredible value to our customers.”

Eaton is one of the top manufacturers of air compressors and air products in the United States and is located right outside of Dayton, OH. Eaton Compressor manufactures piston, rotary screw, gas-powered, and portable type compressors and offers over 1000 standard and customizable models under their Polar Air brand at the most competitive “factory direct” prices in the market.

Eaton Compressor welcomes you to visit their company website for more information on their products at To order your Eaton Compressor products call 877-283-7614.

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