Daughter of a Phoenix auto body shop owner uses lessons she's learned about collision repair and drunk driving to send a message to other teens

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Phoenix auto body shop, Capitol Collision Repair, owner's daughter writes letter to teens about drinking and driving using experiences at the collision repair shop and a High School presentation that opened her eyes.

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Mock car accident images from a drinking and driving awareness letter, "The Hard Truth"

At first we kept her away from the gruesome piles of metal that used to be cars before their collision

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Dan Deary, owner of Capitol Collision Repair, a well known auto body shop in Phoenix publishes a letter his daughter, Heidi Deary, wrote, hoping to reach other teens with a message about the dangers of drinking and driving.

"I started Capitol Collision 25 years ago now, Heidi grew up around the body shop" Deary states, "At first we kept her away from the gruesome piles of metal that used to be cars before their collisions. But as she got closer to the age of driving or even riding in cars with other teenage friends driving, I was glad that she was becoming aware of the consequences associated with auto accidents"

In an interview with Deary, he stated that 90% of the work they perform at his Phoenix auto body repair shop is major collision repair. "The way cars are designed these days with crumple zones to absorb the impact of a collision, we don't see too many minor bumper repairs. Sometimes the cars look like the accident was a lot worse than it probably was, but sometime you can tell someone got hurt. Every once in a while cars come in from a collision sealed up with the Hazmat tape, meaning someone died in the accident.” Deary states “It's hard not to be affected by everything, especially with a daughter getting closer to the age of driving. You'd be surprised by the amount of times we come across alcohol bottles or beer cans people have hidden."

Heidi Deary, the author of the article, The Hard Truth, commented on the school presentation that inspired her, “As a high school junior, and the owners daughter of an auto body repair shop, Capitol Collision Repair, I am well aware of car accidents that students have. At the shop, I have seen a lot of badly wrecked cars. I wasn’t, however, ready for just how much of an impact the presentation would have on me.”

The following are excerpts of the letter Deary posted on his Phoenix auto body shop web site;

“…the football field there were police officers and firemen and a blue tarp covering two vehicles that were facing each other. The presentation we were about to see was about the dangers of drinking and driving to help us…”

“…the sounds of two cars colliding and the police officers pulled a tarp off to reveal two very damaged vehicles that had been involved in an the collision. Instantly, police cars, an ambulances and fire trucks with sirens blaring, entered the football field. They stopped at the scene of the accident, got out of their vehicles, and rushed to the cars. One of the students was covered with an orange body bag and put in an ambulance. “

“…started to descend onto the football field, so close that our hair was blowing. Medics rushed out to the accident, putting the young girl…”

“…herself and said she was the mother of a 21 year old who was killed in an auto accident. A drunk driving car crash that took the life of her daughter…”

“…killed senselessly all because some stranger decided to drink and drive.”

“…welled in her eyes, as well as mine, because of the sadness losing a loved one really brings. She continued

The entire article can be viewed on the Phoenix auto body repair shops website at; http://www.capitolcollision.net/lesson-drinking-and-driving
“As I mentioned,” says the Deary daughter, “at my dad’s collision repair shop I’ve seen some badly wrecked cars and never did I stop and wonder how that accident affected people’s lives, or may have even taken someone’s life. Now, I can’t help but wonder if all the wrecked cars I’ve seen were really just accidents, or were they caused by someone making a wrong decision.”

Capitol’s Manager, Eric Boyer States, "We at Capitol Collision do NOT endorse underage drinking. But feel that educating youths with the knowledge of real world consequences can make for better decision making choices than ignorance and denial of the harsh realities.”

"I'm very proud of her" Deary says, "Not only does it ease my stress a little with her being out with her friends, but it's so powerful, to the point and short enough that if people have their teens read it, I really feel that it has to make at least some kind of impact and hopefully their teen has a second thought before getting in a car with someone that’s been drinking”

I have to agree.

Heidi Deary is a high school junior in Glendale, AZ

Capitol Collision Business Information;

Founded in 1987, Capitol Collision Repair of Phoenix, AZ is an established auto body shop located in central Phoenix.
Member of the BBB with an A+ rating, I-Car certified, and award winning collision repair shop, as well as being one of the highest rated and reviewed auto body shops in Phoenix.

Owner; Dan Deary
Manager; Eric Boyer

Website; http://www.capitolcollision.net/

Mailing Address;
Capitol Collision Repair
5154 N 27th Ave
Phoenix, AZ. 85017

Phone: 602 253-1630

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