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Thatsmycity.com is a comprehensive online guide that helps users to find vibrant and social places to eat, drink and relax around their neighborhood and the world. Updated regularly by an active community of locals, the site includes brilliant insights and up-to-date local knowledge, including; restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars, things-to-do, reviews, maps, ratings and personal experiences of all the places and things you love in your area and the world.

Today, after months of research and testing, ThatsIt is immensely proud to officially announce the launch of its brand new website Thatsmycity.

Thatsmycity is pleased to start its journey by helping users explore three very different but iconic places from around the globe; New Zealand, United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom (right in time for the Olympics). With plans to continue expanding worldwide, Thatsmycity not only showcases a full selection of previews of top attractions that are glitzy, glam and over-the-top but also some of the more unique and valued insights for discovering the often concealed and less visited 'hidden treasures' of your neighborhood, city and the world. Authentic and detailed information on Thatsmycity can be found with ease, find and explore tried and trusted local and international hotels, restaurants, new and upcoming bars, local hot spots, well known and underexposed destinations, angelic and relaxing spas, shisha lounges, internationally acclaimed boutiques, wineries and that is just the beginning. Thatsmycity also provides traveling options, menus, addresses, contact numbers, map guidance, and much much more to help enhance any journey. As a distinguished online guide, Thatsmycity excels from other websites by providing a credible, creative, contrasting and yet-to-be-explored face of these countries. In short, Thatsmycity provides inside knowledge to unlock and reveal all the shades of New Zealand, United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom.

With so many categories to select from and many more on the way, Thatsmycity pays particular attention to the Nightlife (pubs and bars), restaurants and cafes in the cities, towns and countries in which it has been launched.

Brimming with first hand and genuine information on each city's Nightlife, Thatsmycity endeavors to keep people 'in the know' with detailed information on some of the most popular, unknown, and hidden pubs, bars and nightclubs. Photos, menus, themed nights, bands, DJ's and drink specials can all be found on Thatsmycity, so rest assured, running out of great ideas for places to go and things to do will be a thing of the past. Explore the Nightlife in Dubai and find out how the city refuses to sleep, unveil the charisma of unforgettable days and evenings in the pubs and bars of the United Kingdom or be guided through mesmerizing vineyards in New Zealand to sample award winning wines. No matter what your mood or taste, Thatsmycity is the ultimate online guide for finding, exploring and experiencing the world.

As an open and dynamic repository, Thatsmycity includes the rich cultural, social and metro life of New Zealand, United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom to help people to explore and experience the very heart of these places. As your ultimate local online guide, Thatsmycity will not only reveal the modernized faces of these countries including their contemporary skyscrapers, restaurants, hotels and bars, but will also reveal places that epitomize each country's true character and distinctive cultural style. With the quick and convenient browsing on Thatsmycity; finding contemporary eateries in Dubai, authentic colonial style pubs in London, and in New Zealand, numerous sprawling vineyards nestled amongst an unspoiled landscape is made easy. By bringing together as much information as possible on not only the major cities like Dubai, London and Auckland, but also on the less known and less visited towns, Thatsmycity makes it quick and effortless to find the best and avoid the worst of these countries before leaving the house.

The friendly, accurate and easy-to-use icons of Thatsmycity are undoubtedly a great convenience for use in any country! Find vineyards and contemporary restaurants in New Zealand, view the gold prices and Metro timings in the United Arab Emirates, be tempted with the charms of the pubs and bars in the United Kingdom or spend time among the ghouls, Thatsmycity has tried to list all the attractions in one place - Thatsmycity! Apart from the social and fun places, Thatsmycity also helps users in times of need - for instance if someone meets with an accident, it’s quick and easy to find a list of hospitals, emergency and rescue numbers, their location and directions on the site. This integration of its exclusive inbuilt GPS navigation system is a great boon to anyone who needs to find directions in a hurry or wants to explore new places, restaurants and things to do in an unknown city. Now wasting time finding maps, deciphering directions or simply worrying about how to get to a place is a thing of the past, as Thatsmycity will guide you every step of the way. Undoubtedly, Thatsmycity serves as a passionate online guide.

Interestingly, Thatsmycity is remarkably fast and easy to use, just like any great site. Because Thatsmycity is built like a Wiki site, it enables its valued users to upload their own data, review and comment on the content. The salient components of Thatsmycity also resemble the reliable search engine Google, as the site provides a comprehensive database filled with options, while taking its users on a wonderful journey of browsing almost everything and anything related to their neighborhood, city, country and the world.

In its relentless effort to help its users explore the world, Thatsmycity aims to create a worldwide phenomena by not only expanding its current country base but by also bringing even more renowned, unique and fantastic places for its users to find and explore. In a nutshell, the splendid launch of Thatsmycity in New Zealand, United Arab Emirates and in the United Kingdom is a hit, soon to become a super hit and its fans are asking for more now.

Thatsmycity.com looks forward to being your comprehensive online guide so you can keep on exploring all the places and things you love, from around your neighborhood and the globe.

So, what are you waiting for? Become a City Explorer and start exploring http://www.thatsmycity.com today.

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