ASE Systems Teaches Guitar Icon Some New Moves

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When an American guitar and amplifier manufacturer needed help getting their products from point A to point B, they called ASE Systems, an industry leader in integrated, custom-designed lifting systems. ASE designed a lightweight crane system that kept the amplifiers moving – without injuries or loss of productivity.

When people think of rock and roll shows, they usually think of flashy pyrotechnics, screaming crowds, and head-banging power ballads. But for one major American guitar and amplifier manufacturer, the weighty task of moving 70-pound amplifiers – the kind usually found at concerts – from the factory floor to the stage was striking a sour note.

Enter Texas-based ASE Systems, which specializes in designing and building ergonomic, cost-effective material handling systems. ASE worked with the manufacturer to design a custom, lightweight crane system that would lift the heavy amps, put them in boxes, and stack the boxes for shipment. It’s a faster, safer, and less labor-intensive way to move the heavy amps from place to place.

“This is a job that used to take two or three guys, and now one guy can pick up an amp and place it in a box without risking injuries and without needing other people,” says Al Spencer, senior sales consultant with ASE Systems.

Spencer designed the custom lifting system using a light overhead-enclosed track jib crane outfitted with a hoist-based manipulator and padded, scissor-grip end tooling. The result: By exerting just one pound of force, a single person can move 100 pounds of heavy equipment – such as amplifiers – without getting tired or hurt.

“There are ergonomic issues that arise as a result of lifting heavy loads,” Spencer says, noting that the definition of “heavy” is relative. “A load can be 30 pounds – but if you need to lift 30 pounds every 30 seconds, your body wears out. But with the right lift assist device, one guy can do it himself without risking worker injury.”

Spencer tailors each lifting system to each client’s exact situation and uses a combination of lightweight and cost-effective equipment to create a customized, complete lifting system. He says ASE is one of the only a few companies in the nation to offer what he calls an “integrated” solution to the problem of lifting heavy loads.

“Typically, a customer buys the crane from a crane guy, a hoist from the hoist guy, and a gripping device from another guy,” Spencer says. “We can design a complete handling solution – you don’t have to go from company to company. And for really heavy loads, we can design a system using fluid film air caster technology – where one person can easily move several thousand pounds. People usually have to buy an expensive overhead crane for that.”

When it comes to heavy lifting, Spencer has seen – and developed custom solutions – for everything. Spencer has more than three decades of experience in his industry, and he says that the uniqueness of ASE’s service offerings ensures a steady stream of clients from all industries, from 70-pound amplifiers to 12,000-pound oncology machines. The integrated lifting & load moving solutions from ASE Systems ensure that no matter how heavy the load, it is moved from point A to point B efficiently – and without injury.

With corporate headquarters located in Austin, Texas, ASE Systems has over 90 cumulative years of experience in the material handling solutions and equipment industry. For more information about ASE Systems customized client options, visit their website at or call 800-245-2163.

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