Introduces The Osaki OS-7000 Massage Chair

Share Article announced this week that they will now be carrying the latest innovation from Osaki, the Osaki OS-7000 massage chair.

Upon first viewing, the Osaki OS-7000 massage chair can appear to be quite intimidating. For some, the OS-7000 may feel too futuristic. But for those who are willing to make the exploration into the latest massage chair technology, the Osaki OS-7000 will not disappoint.

The Osaki brand calls the OS-7000, ‘the Super Deluxe Zero Gravity Massage Chair.’ A wild claim? Well, from appearances alone, the word ‘super’ seems to be well suited, but deluxe? After one session in this chair, the answer is a unanimous ‘yes’.

The Osaki family continues to stay at the forefront of zero gravity massage technology, and the OS-7000 is a refinement on what some consider to already be perfection. But by comparing the OS-7000 to another Osaki top seller, like the 0S-3000, the advancement in technological innovation is very noticeable.

The OS-7000 also brings many new concepts to the table – one being the innovative Thai body stretching massage feature. This feature replicates the Thai massage technique of unfolding and stretching out the spine and legs. As painful as this may sound, the results are incredibly rewarding. This is the only massage chair on the market that offers this technique. It simply needs to be experienced. It is the one of the most vigorous stretch programs available in the massage chair market. It is also of note that the default massage of the Osaki 7000 is one of the most vigorous default massages in the industry as well. This is not a chair for ultra sensitive users.

Another innovation is the chair’s focus on acupoints. There are over 350 acupoints on the body, and nearly 100 of these are on the neck and back. The OS-7000 uses realistic Swedish massage and Shiatsu massage simulation to focus on these acupoints and reward the user with an invigorating and energizing massage therapy experience.

The hip and waist swaying massage is something that has been sought after for a long time by those suffering from hip and lower body issues. The in-depth compressing massage gently twists the hips to loosen any tight muscles. The focus of this feature is to gently extend and contract all of the muscle groups through the pelvis region whilst completely supporting the waistline.

Heat is another feature of the already fully loaded Osaki OS-7000. The comprehensive heating massage system targets each of the vital muscle groups. The heat is supplied via infrared rays that penetrated the muscles to reduce tension, relieve soreness and improve blood flow. This is a milder and less abrasive approach to some alternative heated muscle therapies and proving to be very effective.

Something that has not been seen on a massage chair prior to the Osaki 7000 massage chair is the head airbag massage. A band that fits like a headband on the head has built-in airbags that compress the muscles of the skull, primarily the temporal muscles and the suboccipital muscles...the muscles that just happen to be the root of many stress headaches. This headband has been designed to address these types of headaches. It is an industry first.

The list of features and functions of the Osaki OS-7000 go on and on. To know this chair takes time and something this groundbreaking deserves to be experienced. The massage-chair-relief showroom in Taylorsville, Utah and the website are now proud to carry the latest innovation from Osaki- the OS-7000.

For more information on the Osaki OS-7000 or to arrange an appointment to sample the chair, visit or talk directly to Dr. Alan Weidner, founder and CEO of Massage Chair Relief at 801-417-8240.

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