Broken Sunglasses? See the Light! The Sunglass Fix Announce a World’s First Which Literally Must be Seen to be Believed

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With 14,000 lenses that can be fitted into almost any existing frames, The Sunglass Fix claims a true world’s first, with their lens replacement service. However, could their offering be blocking the light for existing industry giants?

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You Love You're Sunglasses, We Love Lenses - A Perfect Match

With lens replacement costing up to 70% cheaper than buying new – we know the decision everyone would rather make.

Having steadily built their business from the ground up, the team at Australia’s The Sunglass Fix believe they have achieved a world’s first – full lens replacement for almost any type of sunglass frame.

With many manufactures producing sunglasses with disposability in mind, the team at The Sunglass Fix have developed a unique way to replace the lenses while re-using existing frames.

“Within Australia, we ship customers a pick up kit – including pre-paid postage and a specially designed box. When we get their sunglasses, we replace the lenses free of charge and ship it right back out to them. If customers are outside of Australia the service is exactly the same, although customers will need to ship the sunglasses to us” says Lainie Anderson, VP of Marketing for the company.

The Sunglass Fix boasts an impressive inventory of over 14,000 lenses to fit almost any type of frame. In order to make lens replacement an attractive proposition, the team has worked diligently with suppliers and manufactures to supply designer-quality lenses at great prices. Coupled with free global shipping, replacing lenses in old frames is becoming a popular alternative to buying new sunglasses.

With an ultimate goal to be able to replace any type of frame ever invented, Lainie and her team are out in force to dominate the bright world of sunglasses.

“The entire sunglass industry is financially geared around having customers buy new sunglasses rather than repairing existing frames. Many big companies don’t offer any replacement parts or lenses and if they do they’re up to 70% the cost of buying a new pair. We’re poised to become a major player in changing the way customers think about using their sunglasses. Their aim is to sell new sunglasses, while ours is to replace lenses. With lens replacement costing up to 70% cheaper than buying new – we know the decision everyone would rather make” adds Lainie.

Of course, there are hurdles to be overcome. After conducting extensive research, the team at The Sunglass Fix has discovered that few people are actually aware that sunglass lenses can be replaced.

It’s easy to see why. With advertising and marketing often showcasing the latest sunglass trends and fashions, the idea of replacing lenses in existing frames may not be the first option consumers think of.

As Lainie believes, the climate will (no pun intended) change:
“It’s natural to fall into the trap of advertising. However, with frequent new sunglasses remaining an expensive and often reluctant hobby for many, we know that people will be thrilled to learn that they can spend just a fraction of the cost replacing their existing lenses. Australia already loves this new concept, and we’re sure the global sunglass community will love it too” she concludes.

About The Sunglass Fix
The Sunglass Fix manufactures and sources the best all-around sunglass lenses available on the market. They leverage the latest optical technology to shape them to customers’ existing frames. The company has thousands of sunglass replacement lenses ready for free, immediate dispatch anywhere in the world. Additionally, their lenses can be custom cut and installed in just about any pair of sunglasses with two lenses.

The Sunglass Fix focuses on environmental sustainability and corporate responsibility. Their goal is to create a viable company that employs hardworking, dedicated people and provides a wonderful business solution that will help reduce waste while improving their customers lives. It has taken four years for the team at The Sunglass Fix to develop their lenses and refine their business operations so they can provide what they think will be an industry changing solution for sunglass users.

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