Launch of New Consumer Review Site – Mouth Guards for Grinding Teeth

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Consumer watch expert, David Bruce, is pleased to announce the launch of a brand new customer review site, evaluating mouth guards for grinding teeth. Due to the increase in this problem and the health complications that arise from it, he has created an unbiased comparison site for the top ten products to protect against grinding. Grinding teeth, or bruxism, is a common phenomenon that can lead to more serious health conditions.

With stress and anxiety spiralling out of control, causing many people to grind their teeth unconsciously, consumer watch expert David Bruce has identified the need for an inexpensive and comfortable solution to this disturbing problem. Bruce’s review site compares 10 of the top commercial brands of mouth guard, detailing the specific attributes and advantages of each. The mouth guards not only protect against dental erosion, enamel cracks and sensitive teeth, but are also shown to be as effective as custom-made models from a dentist, and certainly much cheaper.

Normally, teeth grinding occurs during the night when people are sleeping, causing significant damage and tension in the mouth area. The triggers for the condition are usually stress, improper bite and certain medications.

It’s not only adults that are affected by teeth grinding. A significant amount of children have the condition, suffering the same consequences as adults. In children, when teeth are still growing, there is an increased chance of an improper bite being the cause of the condition. Children can, however, also suffer from anxiety that leads to tension and grinding. They are generally unable to use adult mouth guards, as the devices are too large. However, there are models built specifically for children that are now available on the market.

The Mouth Guards for Grinding Teeth review site emphasises the importance of the guards not only to protect tooth enamel, but to alleviate the grinding action itself. This is a critical point in the prevention of damage and adverse health issues such as migraine headaches.

Research shows that grinding teeth may also causepainful migraine headaches. This happens in two ways. Firstly, the pressure on the teeth and jaws when grinding occurs is immense. This not only wears the teeth down, but creates cracks in the enamel. Secondly, tension builds up in the jaw, expanding into the head and causing a migraine. If the trigger for grinding teeth is stress, it’s not always possible to alleviate this. If the cause is an improper bite, a dentist can rectify this. However, this is an expensive option and the problem will not be alleviated immediately. Using mouth guards as a solution is not only inexpensive, but results are often immediate.

Excruciating migraines are not the only problem arising from grinding teeth. The condition prevents people from falling asleep and can also awaken them in the middle of the night. Lack of sleep in itself will have other health implications, one of which is depression. People who suffer from depression are more likely to grind their teeth during sleep because of anxiety. Insomnia, depression, anxiety and, finally, teeth grinding become a vicious cycle. The simplest method of breaking the cycle is found by using a mouth guard.

According to research, mouth guards are in particularly high demand now that society is in arecession. Levels of anxiety have risen, and teeth grinding is on the increase. The review site aims to help these workers solve the issue of grinding teeth by giving them an honest opinion on the mouth guards available.

The new review site is a vital information resource for those wishing to ensure they purchase the most suitable mouth guard for their needs. Teeth grinding causes untold health damage, beginning with the teeth and jaws and escalating into other areas. The benefits of using a mouth guard to fix the problem speak for themselves, providing a comfortable and reliable solution to a highly distressing condition.

To learn more about the causes, signs and symptoms, complications, treatments and mouth guards for the teeth grinding disease, medically referred to as bruxism, visit the website at

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