GMS Talent Introduces New Sales Training Model Based Upon Emotional Skills

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EI Powered Salesmanship is a sales model based upon the premise that selling is an emotional event. Use any sales process you like but improve your results by learning key emotional skills that distance the superior from the average salesperson.

We belive that there has been little or no research and development on the emotional needs of salespeople.

"Selling is an emotional event," says Stephen J. Blakesley, Managing Partner of GMS Talent L P, an Executive Recruiting and Success Management firm in Houston, TX. On that belief and recent, eye-opening research, GMS Talent is "rolling out" a new sales model - EI Powered Salesmanship.™

While billions of dollars are spent each year on sales training. Most of that training is devoted to the teaching of varied sales processes, little if any is devoted to raising the level of emotional intelligence (EI) among practicing and prospective sales people. "We believe that is a mistake," says Blakesley.

"As and industry, there has been little or no research and development on the emotional needs of sales people," says Blakesley, a highly experienced and successful recruiter, entrepreneur and business coach. "With that in mind and after nearly 4 years of dedicated research on EI and its impact on sales success, GMS is excited about introducing a totally new sales training process based on the power of emotional intelligence among salespeople," Blakesley continues.

GMS Talent has worked with sales teams in many different industries and locations. We have found most sales people have the knowledge to perform at a high level, but not the emotional skills. Many know the process to sell successfully but few have the skills (emotional intelligence) to implement the process. GMS believes process is important but not all processes produce superior results. "What makes some work and other not," we wondered.

What makes some successful and others not so much? "It is all about how the process is delivered. GMS found superior salespeople had a special understanding of themselves and their prospects, all or at least most of which can be attributed to emotional intelligence."

"EI Powered Salesmanship™ raises the emotional skill level and ties it to the process that works best for the individual, utilizing a key step that brings clarity to the salesman's self-perception, the EI Powered Salesmanship™ training, gives salespeople a more effective means of self-expression, powerful tools to build relationships quickly and solidly, a keen method to understanding what is not said and powerful tools to maintain a level of optimism that is unparalleled, all of which result in more sales," according to Blakesley.

The new EI Powered Salesmanship™ training, is unique in many ways we perceive, but none more unique that showing people how to tie emotional intelligence to the sales process that works best for you & your organization.

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