Divorced father of four is latest victim being foreclosed on by the Mastermind of $50 million Ponzi Scheme.

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John Benner, a divorced father or four, is being foreclosed upon by RPL Investors principal Rodney Jarmin. Mr. Jarmin is the master mind behind a $50 million Ponzi Scheme that milked elderly investors of their life savings. All American Foreclosure in San Luis Obispo, CA is handling this transaction for Mr. Jarmin and would not respond to inquiries.

Rodney Jarmin, principal at RPL Investors group, is currently out on bond waiting trial and has been charged with six felony violations of the California Corporations Code and three penalty enhancements. His grand jury trial is scheduled for Sept 10, 2012.

The Superior Court of San Luis Obispo has issued orders freezing the personal assets of the defendants, including any assets in which either defendant may have an interest. These court orders have frozen not only all their personal assets and interests in real estate, but also all bank accounts, all other financial accounts, vehicles and other things of value, whether the assets have been specifically listed or identified or not. The court orders prohibit anyone from selling or secreting these assets. Seventeen constitutional victims' rights were enacted on November 5, 2008, with the passage of Proposition 9, the Victims' Bill of Rights Act of 2008: Marsy's Law. Victims' rights will continue to be cited by the prosecution as issues arise related to victims' rights. For more information on Marcy's Law click here: MARCY'S LAW

John Benner, the divorced father of four, took out a secured note on the property from Mr. Jarmin in Nov. 2009. He made payments directly to the defendant, Mr. Jarmin, until those payments came back as undeliverable in March 2012. (no such person at address). Mr. Benner then called the defendant and the phone number was disconnected. Mr Benner then found out that defendant was in jail and contacted the District Attorney of San Luis Obispo. (April 2011) The District Attorney advised Mr. Benner to keep making payments but place them in another account so that is what he did. He was advised by the DA that the asset is frozen by the court until such time of disposition.

Mr. Benner then found out the defendant filed foreclosure on property in Dec. 2011. He then immediately contacted the San Luis Obispo District Attorney chief investigator A.J. Santana and the court filed a Liz Pendens on property to protect their interest as well as the owner.

Mr. Santana, personally filed the document in Riverside County Courthouse in Riverside California. He then notified Mr. Benner that is was completed by phone. On April 10, of 2012, Mr. Benner was notified by certified mail that his property was now going to auction scheduled for May, 11, 2012. He immediately contacted the San Luis Obispo District Attorneys office several times by phone and email and was finally told that there was nothing that they could do by Mr. Santana, "it is out of our hands" he stated.

Mr. Benner is currently trying to stop the foreclosure on his property. He wants to make sure that Mr. Jarmin does not do this to anyone else. If you have knowledge or know of any solutions or remedies please contact Mr. Benner.

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