Pure Board Shop Extends Board Wall and Gives Different Brands a Try

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Every Winter season Pure Board Shop's skateboard deck wall shrinks to make room for snowboard product which takes up a lot of floor space. But now with the snowboard product away and warm weather Pure Board Shop's board wall is back to it's full size and is stocked with a couple different brands.

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"It seem's that the skateboarding community in Annapolis is at a point where people are developing their own tastes and not everybody wants the same thing."

As people grow and trends change, people's tastes changes. This is especially true in skateboarding. Taking this into account when extending their skateboard deck wall, Pure Board Shop has brought in a couple different brands.

"It seem's that the skateboarding community in Annapolis is at a point where people are developing their own tastes and not everybody wants the same thing." observes Josh Menocal, manager at Pure Board Shop.

According to Josh, a couple of years ago it was clear which skateboard deck brands were in the highest demand and doing the best. "Back in 2008 Zoo York and DGK were our best selling deck brands, last summer it was probably Anti Hero, Creature, and Real" Josh recalls. This was clear to Josh and the staff at Pure Board Shop over the summer but through Fall and Winter they could see now real front runners for deck companies.

One thing that might be contributing to this lack of a dominating brand is the state of skateboarding. Right now skateboarding is in a place where there is no uniform for skateboarders. Just by flipping through a skate magazine you can see that there are so many different types of skaters right now. Josh suggests that, "kids take a look at these magazines and must feel like they can dress however they want, listen to whatever music they want, and buy any deck they want and still fit in with other skaters and within skateboarding it self."

Because of all the different types of skaters within skateboarding and around Annapolis, Pure Board Shop has made sure to stock decks from many different companies. This meant getting decks from companies that they haven't carried in a while or haven't done that well in the past. Pure is now stocking more boards from Zoo York, which did well back in '08, but hasn't been a best seller as of late. Pure Board Shop has also brought in brands like Toy Machine and Krooked, companies that have always been concerned with doing their own thing.

"I never understood why Krooked skateboards has done better around here, Krooked sponsors Bobby Worrest riding for them and he is basically a local boy, I mean Bobby use to ride for Rob's (the owner of Pure Board Shop) old shop, Evolve. So I never understood why kids wouldn't be excited about that and want to support a local guy who made it."

Regardless of what kind of skater you are, whether you are still supporting Zoo York or DGK, or if you are into skating on a Anti Hero or Creature deck. No matter if you're into hip-hop or punk rock, it's appears Pure Board Shop has decks to support all skaters.

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