Originals By Weber Invention: New Way to Stop the "Loose Denture Problem"

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This new Weber Denture Liner kit is designed to answer questions often asked by new denture wearers such as: "How can I make my loose denture fit better and give me more comfort and no more sores or pain?" And, "Why do my dentures always lack stability and what can I do to make them stay firmly in place while talking, coughing or sneezing?" The obvious answer to these questions is the use of this new invention by Originals By Weber, the always-soft Weber Denture Liner that requires no mixing, is easy to use and lasts a long time.

No more loose dentures!

Fantastic product, so easy to use!

Originals By Weber, Toms River, NJ 08753, Terry L. Weber, owner, announces immediate availability of their new, (Patent Pending), long lasting Weber Denture Liners in a handy do-it-yourself kit. The always soft new Weber Denture Liner compound in this kit that requires no mixing to use, is an always flexible, translucent, odorless, tasteless putty-like compound designed to easily fill the gaps created by the slow but constant natural shrinkage of the gums and jawbones after natural teeth have been removed.

The new Weber Denture Liner compound provides a denture wearer with the three basic essentials needed for comfortable, never loose dentures:

(1) support,
(2) stability and
(3) reliable retention.

Most new denture wearers are aware of the fact that, after a few months of use, their once comfortable dentures lose their original stability. This happens because there is always a very slow and normal amount of shrinkage of both gums and jawbones after natural teeth are removed. This unstoppable, normal shrinkage gradually causes the rigid plastic denture to become loose and unstable in the mouth, especially when chewing food. Then, during the process of chewing food, the movement of the denture where - it rubs against the gums - can cause raw and very painful sores to develop on the gums. However, use of these new, unique and always soft Weber Denture Liners to "fill the gaps" can eliminate this very common "sore mouth" problem denture wearers always have. It is the best and most reliable way yet to provide a space-filling comfortable always-soft cushion between the hard acrylic plastic of the denture and the soft and tender flesh of the gums.

The Weber Denture Liner kit is a low cost, do-it-yourself-at home method of re-lining all loose dentures both: uppers and lowers with no mixing required. The soft, mold-able, always flexible Liner material self-adheres with no adhesive or "glue" to the dry acrylic surface of the denture. Just drop the new Weber Denture Liner compound in place on the top of the denture. If needed, the new Weber Denture Liner can be easily cut with scissors and then shaped for most comfortable fit in the contours of the denture. The Liner is simply placed on top of the dry denture using gentle finger pressure. The Liner retains its flexibility in all temperatures and is always tasteless. After a Liner is positioned on the denture, the user can, if needed, sparingly sprinkles the top surface of the Liner with the (included) denture adhesive powder. This powder provides, if and when needed, increased denture retention and gives added stability and support, thus eliminating annoying denture movement while talking and chewing food.

To extend the denture liner's useful life (make it re-usable for a longer period of time) it should be washed and rinsed with ordinary tap water once each day to remove all trapped food particles. At night, the Weber Denture Liner compound can be easily removed (peeled off) of the denture, rinsed clean, dried and re-used that night or the next day. Liners are available as soft, flexible, shape-able discs approximately 2-inches in diameter by 1/8-inch thick and require no mixing. In addition, there are other Weber Denture Liners that have been pre-shaped into the user's choice of upper and or lower liner shapes. These pre-shaped liners are faster,easier and more convenient to use and they save time and make dentures fit better in the mouth.

When Weber was asked what kind of feedback he gets from users of the Weber Denture Liner kit he said:
"Let me quote a few of the comments I've had such as:

(1) “We love this product! This is the answer we've been looking for! Thank you.
(2) “I am very pleased, can spit further than ever and eat chicken bones again!”
(3) “Fantastic product, so easy to use!”
(4) “Excellent product and highly recommended.”
(5) “Really like it, works better than anything I have tried.”
(6) “Nice product, great deal, thanks!"
(7) "The denture liners are helping my husband with his dentures, that were ill-fitting from the start. They now stay in place and are comfortable to wear. Eventually he will need a new set of dentures, but the liners help a lot until then. My husband can now have hard to eat foods that he's been missing. I would recommend this product to others."

Weber Denture Liners (Made in USA) are available as user's choice of finger mold-able disk shapes and also in pre-formed shapes with user's choice of upper or lower denture liners. The Weber Denture Liners can be ordered in the user's choice of five sizes of kits:

(1) Trial Kit: TK-4) kit contains: four Liners, one bottle of denture adhesive powder and instructions. Price of Regular kit is $22.95 each

(2) Trial Kit TK-2: contains: two disk shaped Liners, one bottle of denture adhesive powder and instructions. Price of this Trial kit is $15.95.

(3) Trial Kit #NTK-3: has three Liners: one round 2" dia. x 1/8" thick, two pre-formed liners, with choice of two uppers or two lowers or one lower and one upper.
This kit gives an easy way to try all three kinds of Weber Denture Liners to see which one is best to meet personal needs. This kit is priced at $16.95.

(4) Trial Kit # TK-4: Weber Pre-Formed Denture Liners are available immediately in kits with four Preformed Denture Liners (choice of uppers, lowers or both) for $24.95.

(5) Trial Kit #TK-10: A Kit with ten (10) Preformed Denture Liners (choice of uppers, lowers or both) for $39.95 plus a bottle of Weber Denture Adhesive Powder (included with all kits).

All shipping and handling is free (to USA). Satisfaction guaranteed or money back. To place an order or for more information, contact: Originals By Weber, 338 Alabama Avenue, Toms River, NJ 08753, 877-309-8382.

A video is on this website: http://www.yrret.stirsite.com/page/page/4578911.htm

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