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Share Article announces a campaign to spread awareness for sleep apnea, offering free shipping and 40% off any new mattress with the purchase of an adjustable bed frame.

Purchase an adjustable bed and save 40% on any mattress.

Purchase an adjustable bed and save 40% on any mattress.

Sleep apnea is a serious condition, and we must spread awareness for [it]. We are passionate about educating the public on this issue, and we are excited to offer an affordable solution that is backed by medical research. announces a campaign to promote awareness for the negative side effects of sleep apnea, a disorder that adversely affects an estimated 25% of Americans. Medical research indicates that the symptoms and side effects of sleep apnea can be greatly reduced or eliminated by sleeping with the upper body inclined by 4 to 6 inches. This month, the Adjustabeds Sleep Apnea Awareness Campaign extends an unbeatable offer to all individuals who desire a healthier night’s rest: Buy an adjustable bed frame online, save 40% on the purchase of any new mattress, and have both items shipped free of charge.        

The Adjustabeds Sleep Apnea Awareness Campaign

Sleep apnea causes shallow or unnaturally broken breathing patterns during the sleep cycle. Health professionals warn Americans that even mild sleep apnea may significantly deprive the body of the rest needed to remain both mentally and physically healthy. Individuals with sleep apnea may suffer from a variety of symptoms ranging from mild daytime fatigue to severe physical illnesses like heart disease, weight gain, and stroke.

“Sleep apnea is a serious condition, and we must spread awareness for the negative impact it has on overall health,” states Adjustabeds founder Matt Byrd. “We are passionate about educating the public on this issue, and we are excited to offer an affordable solution that is backed by medical research.”

According to doctors and other sleep researchers, sleep apnea is greatly reduced when inhalations and exhalations are unrestricted. Traditionally, doctors recommended patients with sleep apnea use pillows, blankets, or other soft items to lift the upper body about 4 to 6 inches off the surface of the mattress during the night. Sleeping at such an incline diverts pressure away from the chest and nasal passageways, in turn preventing the soft tissue of the throat from relaxing and creating an airway blockage during the night. Unfortunately, this conventional means of treating sleep apnea is only a half measure for most. Pillows, blankets, and other sleep devices become deflated or shift during the night, and they are unable to keep the individual positioned at an incline.

Adjustable beds provide a full and more comprehensive solution. Adjustable bed frames enable individuals to sleep with their upper bodies inclined at a comfortable level of their choosing. Since the bed frame is mechanically adjusted to facilitate the incline, the individual rests in a constant state of least resistance throughout the night. Pressure gets diverted away from the chest, the air passageways remain open, and breathing patterns stay natural and rhythmic, allowing the individual to fall in to a deep and restorative state of sleep.

To help individuals with sleep apnea lead a healthier lifestyle, Adjustabeds has partnered with leading mattress manufacturers to offer 40% off high quality memory foam, latex, and air-adjustable mattresses when purchased with any of the following adjustable bed frames:

Leggett and Platt Adjustable Bases: Leggett and Platt adjustable beds are one of the biggest names in the industry. The company offers a deep variety of beds, ranging from low-cost models with essential head/foot articulation only to more tech-savvy ones for the early adopters out there who wish to have everything, including their adjustable bed, fully integrated with their mobile device. The Prodigy by Leggett and Platt is designed for the latter, offering exclusive connectivity between bed and mobile device via WiFi technology and a mobile application.

Reverie Adjustable Bed Frames: Reverie adjustable bed frames are ideal for those who wish to try an adjustable sleep solution for the first time. Readers may research the Reverie Deluxe Bed to learn more about one of the industry’s most affordable adjustable bed frames.

ErgoMotion Adjustable Bases: The creation of French entrepreneur Alain Clenet, ErgoMotion Adjustable Beds embrace a truly global concept when it comes to high-end bedding retail. Purchase the ErgoBase by ErgoMotion, and a portion of the sale price will be donated to fund a non-profit organization that provides food to impoverished African children.

Adjustabeds has announced the launch of the Sleep Apnea Awareness Campaign to encourage Americans to spread awareness for the condition while offering an exclusive discount on adjustable bed sleep systems. Medical professionals agree that sleeping with the upper body inclined by about 4 to 6 inches is the best way to reduce the effects of sleep apnea, and many contest that “elevated sleep” may eliminate sleep apnea altogether.

Adjustabeds invites readers to choose a fully adjustable bed frame by Leggett and Platt, Reverie, or ErgoMotion and receive an additional 40% off any new mattress. Readers may choose from a full line of 100% all-natural memory foam, premium Talalay latex, or air-adjustable mattresses to ensure a truly personalized sleep solution is built from the adjustable base, up.

To speak with a qualified sleep expert about saving 40% when purchasing a new memory foam, latex, or air-adjustable mattress with an adjustable bed, readers may contact Adjustabeds or call direct at 1-877-535-1159. To stay informed with the Adjustabeds Sleep Apnea Awareness Campaign, readers are invited to visit

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