Safer Seatbelt for Adults and Children to be Crash Tested at the ARC-CSI Crash Conference

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CG-Lock Technology to be Publically Tested in Front of Industry Crash Experts

"The CG-Lock and SeatSnug products can easily and very inexpensively be added to existing vehicle seatbelts to improve safety, control, and comfort for users of cars already on the road."

Lap Belt Cinch, Inc. (LBC), developer of the patented CG-Lock technology and makers of the CG-Lock® and SeatSnug® aftermarket performance driving and child occupant stability devices, announced that the technology will be tested in real world, live vehicle crashes at the ARC-CSI Crash Conference ( in Las Vegas on June 4 - 7, 2012, where industry crash experts will get to see it in action. LBC will also be introducing at the Crash Conference a new original equipment design of the CG-Lock technology built into original equipment seatbelts.

Currently planned tests of CG-Lock Technology at the Conference include securing a pair of state-of-the-art “crash test dummies” in the rear seat of a crashing vehicle. One will be secured with a standard factory installed seatbelt adapted with the CG-Lock Technology and the other will be secured with a standard factory installed seatbelt without CG Technology. The data collected will measure the effects and demonstrate the magnitude of the difference in occupant safety between the two safety devices. In another test, Rusty Haight, the “human crash test dummy”, will be wearing a CG-Lock on his seatbelt during his exciting test crash.

Charles Carter, CEO of LBC, stated "We are excited to have the CG-Lock technology involved in real world, live crash tests at the ARC-CSI Crash Conference, where industry crash experts will see first hand the merit and benefit of the CG-lock technology in enhancing the safety of seatbelt users. This will expand upon the crash tests we have already conducted. Motor vehicle crashes are one of the leading causes of injury and death; our line of CG-Lock technology safety products can reduce injuries and help save lives. The CG-Lock and SeatSnug products can easily and very inexpensively be added to existing vehicle seatbelts to improve safety, control, and comfort for users of cars already on the road. The addition of our new original equipment design will allow new car makers to further enhance user safety in frontal, lateral, and rollover events."

Originally developed as an aftermarket product for the performance driving market, the CG-Lock made its worldwide debut by securing stunt drivers in their seats in movies such as National Treasure and James Bond's Quantum of Solace. The CG-Lock was the "secret safety device" used by The STIG in the popular BBC show Top Gear. The CG-Lock, certified for certain SCCA events, is now used widely by the Hollywood stunt industry and has been featured in many sports car and off road magazines. User testimonials and crash testing highlight the safety improvements the CG-Lock adds to a factory installed seatbelt. Now, the proven safety of the retrofit product can be integrated into OEM factory installed seatbelts.

Lap Belt Cinch, Inc. is the developer and patent holder of CG-Lock technology. Its aftermarket products, the CG-Lock and SeatSnug have been extensively crash tested and are designed to enhance driver control, improve safety, reduce the risk of injuries in vehicular accidents and save lives. SeatSnug, a next generation product, which was originally developed to enhance the safety of children riding in booster seats, has received The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval and has been featured on ABC and the Fox News TV channel. An adult version of SeatSnug is also available.

The ARC-CSI Crash Conference continues to set the standard for excellence in live, fully instrumented, practical crash testing. Each year for the past 10 years, the ARC-CSI Crash Team has conducted crash tests that have been the basis for valuable insight into how various crash scenarios occur and have produced a wealth of information on vehicle systems and operations. This year will see 10+ vehicles tested in a variety of real-world crash scenarios. Hours later, attendees will get their hands on the actual data, video, photos and other documentation of those tests.

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