Stinson R. Ely Intros Avant Garde Designed "Watch Strap" Alligator Belts in 12 Colors. Luxe Collection Revives ‘40s-Era "Cloaked" Buckles; 3/4", 1" Retro Widths

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Luxe designer, Andy Stinson, today intro-ed a hand-crafted collection of American alligator belts to cap his retro- line of Hollywood Waistband trousers. Boasting 3/4" and 1" "watch-strap" alligator in 12 colors and a revival of ‘40s-era "cloaked buckles," the collection fuels Stinson’s fast growing rep as America’s top luxury designer.

Luxe fashion style meister, Andy Stinson, famed for his dandy-ish, contrarian collection of trend-setting Hollywood Waistband trousers has been born again. His latest incarnation?: Leather goods designer.

Again polishing the patina of his "rebel-designer" rep, Stinson announced the intro of an ultra-luxe collection of American alligator belts. Beside the usual barnyard animals, it also includes a very hip, avant garde line-up of super-thin, 3/4" and 1" belts that defy current trends. Designed to partner with his retro-inspired line-up of Hollywood Waistband trousers, Stinson’s narrow, 3/4" and 1" belts resurrect a style that was last all the rage, nearly 70-years ago.

Stinson’s newly debuted collection touts dress styles in traditional, 1 1/4" and 1 3/8" widths, as well as a chunkier 1 1/2" width. But it’s his slim, 3/4" and 1" retro-inspired styles – all artisan hand-crafted from rare, "watch strap" alligator – that again T-bones current trends and inspires his second, contrarian fashion prediction: "Thin-is-in."

Stinson’s first divination – this one, a real doozie, claim some fashion pros – is that the now-voguish look of men’s slim-cut, plain-front slacks is near DOA and fashion’s next flat-liner. Jury is still out on this bet. It’s verdict, however, will render Stinson either a soothsaying trend genius or fashion’s court jester. But just leaked peeks from Tom Ford’s next men’s show could deliver Stinson his salvation. Chock full of high-waisted, pleat front dress and formal slacks, it backs-up Stinson’s own "pleats-are-back" prediction.

A minimalist who marches-to-his-own-drummer, Stinson’s design ethos, like Ford’s, routinely cuts cross-grain – and usually skewers – conventional thinking and prevailing trends. Again fashion’s major mutineer, Stinson backed-up his "thin-is-in" assertion with a strikingly handsome collection of 3/4" and 1" "watch-strap" alligator belts he dubbed the "Hollywood Legends Collection," thanks to its ‘40s-era nod to Hollywood’s famed Age of Glamour, an age of Old World elegance when the silver screen’s most dashing idols set the world’s fashion stage.

Boasting a visually dramatic palette of 12 mild-to-wild colors, Stinson first nearly doubled the number of basic color choices, adding pearl gray and ivory to the usual spate of three de rigeur colors choices – cognac, chocolate and black. Then topped off his beefed-up offering of now five basic shades with still another seven, all eye-popping colors that include Lipstick Red, Hot Pink, Citrus Orange, Eggplant, Electric Blue and Grape. All 12 colors are available in a classic matte, a new and proprietary semi-gloss "Millennium" finish, and a classic, high-gloss glaze.

Two interchangeable buckles – one silver and one gold tone – accompany each belt.

At 3/4" and 1" widths, Stinson’s belts measure half the span of today’s most popular widths and counterpoint the trend to even chunkier widths. Stinson, however, is targeting a handful of risk takers marketers call "fashion innovators," a tiny clan of hip adventurers who are first to dabble in fresh new fashion ideas. These trendsetting hipsters, tells Stinson, have the social juice to sway fashion trends and anoint a new style with gotta-have appeal and chi chi cachet.

But Stinson’s also betting his one-of-a-kind, "cloaked" buckles – buckles wrapped in matching alligator – ignites its own fashionista feeding frenzy. Dubbed his "flagship, signature buckle," a matching alligator belt and buckle, tells Stinson, was once all the rage among Hollywood’s top matinee idols of the ‘30s and ‘40s, from Gary Cooper and Clark Gable to Joel McCrea, Cary Grant and Fred Astaire.

Fashion innovators and matinee idols, aside, Stinson’s thin-belt thinking is backed-up by logic and aesthetics: Wide belts draw the eye’s focus to the waist, tells Stinson. They thicken the torso and create the illusion of an bigger-than-life waistline. Thin belts, on the other hand, slim the waist, narrow the hips and flatter the physique.
Like his ritzy priced slacks, Stinson R. Ely’s alligator belts – thin and wide, alike – are all artisan hand-made in America.

Stinson pegged the retail price of his 1 1/4" and 1 3/8" widths at $525. Hollywood Legends Collection trafficks slightly higher at $545for the 3/4" width and $575 for the 1" width. Thank watch-strap alligator – the rarest and costliest part of the hide – for the surprisingly higher cost of the narrower widths, explained Stinson. Cloaked, or covered, buckles add another $45 to each belt’s retail tariff.

About Stinson R. Ely Bespoke: A dandy’s collection, exclusively, Stinson R. Ely Bespoke is dedicated to the design genius of co-founder, Robbi Ely, and was born from the 22-year-old, Stinson/R. Ely & Partners, Inc., the brand imaging firm formed in 1988 by Andy Stinson and Robbi Ely, an ardent minimalist who time and again, proved the ageless saw that the most visually dramatic designs are those reduced to their simplest elements.

Anchored by its revival of the iconic Hollywood Waistband slack, Stinson R. Ely Bespoke is a luxury niched collection of dress and formal slacks. Noticeably bereft of basics, all are daringly colored and boast bold and adventurous pattern motifs.

Touting custom-bespoke, made-to-measure and ready-to-wear collections, each pair is entirely artisan hand-crafted in America by Rochester, New York-based, Adrian Jules, a 50-year-old hand-maker of men’s custom-bespoke clothing.

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