Website Conversion Optimisation - The New Front Line In The Online Marketing War

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Successful Online Marketing Strategies are becoming more sophisticated says David Twigg of OMC. Ecommerce and now Offline businesses that focus on lead generation from the internet must up their game, says Twigg, if they want to take their market share.

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Without a consistant Website Conversion
Strategy a website will become a substantial underperformer for it's business very quickly


As IbisWorld reported this week, Australians are on track to spend over $10 billion online this year with the vast majority being spent with the 33,000 Australian online retailers. This figure is growing at roughly 9% per annum or just under $1 billion per year at the moment so the stakes are high to find online marketing strategies that work.


Creating an online marketing strategy that works has become a great science with substantial testing being generated to constantly raise the bar, testing mainly revolving around consumer behaviour,website interaction and traffic generation. Ecommerce has been the main scientific tester to date however offline businesses that are using the internet for lead generation are starting to use the same practices.


Website Conversion Optimisation is now vital to maintain value in the growing competitive environment that Online marketing is becoming. “Without a consistant Website Conversion Strategy a website will become a substantial underperformer for it's business very quickly” says David Twigg of OMC based in Brisbane, Australia. Twigg continues, “The Online marketing evolution is continuing rapidly, in 2010 having a punchy website and a decent seo strategy was becoming mainstream, in 2011 Adwords took a major hold as Google leveraged their control as gatekeeper of search and in 2012 online marketing costs are rising due to the sudden realisation that if a business hasn't got a strong SEO strategy and it is not bidding for key search terms through adwords then it can forget any worthwhile market share from the internet. All this has meant that the bar has been raised in terms of competition and costs to the point where conversions are now vital to keep online marketing as the best lead generation medium in terms of ROI.”

Website Conversion Optimisation is based around split testing. The idea is that if you test 2 versions of a website on rotation, ie visitor 1 sees version 1 and visitor 2 sees version 2, then once you have enough visits to make a statistical interpretation, there should be one version that is performing stronger than the other. The measurement used has to be a conversion goal, for example an enquiry form filled out,a subscription to more information,a purchase or even “engagement”(has the visitor engaged with the website ie found it has matched their requirements by spending time on it or not). Technology has evolved to allow such split tests to be performed fairly easily,”we're constantly split testing small details of our clients sites, particularly above the fold graphics,headlines,bullets and images or videos,” says David Twigg, he continues, “It can be quite amazing the results that are revealed, it is not unusual to see the test of one small detail bring about a 20-50% improvement in conversions, so imagine the compounding effect of having a winning split test each month then testing a new detail, it really is the ultimate way of generating more revenue quickly.”

As Online marketing continues to take market share from Offline marketing, focusing on the detail of an online strategy seems to be the way forward.


Online Marketing Consultants Pty Ltd was launched in 2009 to solve a fundamental business challenge, how to get new leads cost effectively. Through substantial testing and hundreds of client campaigns a clear strategy emerged that revolved around the 2 main factors of traffic and conversions. To read the company's latest views and information go to

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