Teresa Brown Releases Second Novel: "Some Things Best Forgotten" - a Bigger-than-life Mystery for a Smaller-than-Life Town

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Not much happens in the tiny, semi-fictional community of Baeburg. The sun comes up in the morning and at night, it is put to sleep. The townsfolk go about their day as village townsfolk always do – working, playing, eating and sleeping, with everyone, it seems, fully aware of everyone else’s business. Small towns are like that.

But every so often, something happens to stir the little town to life. And on this particular day, in the little town of Baeburg, a momentous discovery has been made during an inspection of the town’s old railroad station. Excitement is clearly afoot.

The year is 1975. The discovery in question, found deep within the old train station, is ancient correspondence, from the year 1949, signed by the notorious gangster, bootlegger and rum-runner Rocco Perri. Perri had disappeared, under very mysterious circumstances, five years earlier. Had he fled the country? Had he died a mysterious death? Or had he simply found a way to vanish in plain sight? What, exactly, had happened to this fugitive from the law?

That is the essence of "Some Things Best Forgotten," a new fiction-based-on-fact novel from the pen of Teresa Brown, a writer and novelist based in south-central Ontario. She lives and works in a community that bears quite a remarkable similarity to Baeburg and, as a result, she knows of what she writes when she discusses smaller-than-life towns and bigger-than-life mysteries.

Her central character in this stranger-than-life mystery is Quentin Weissenburg, a 45-year-old reporter who makes his living churning out material for the local town newspaper, the Baeburg Outlook. For Weissenburg, the Rocco Perri mystery is big news indeed, a far cry from the social news and Rotary club reports that might make up a typical working week. This is a news story to dive into, to get to the absolute truth of the matter — and next thing you know, the entire community finds itself involved in unravelling the mystery behind a long-ago secret.

So forms the plot and the narrative thread of Some Things Best Forgotten, a whimsical, homespun novel from author Brown that is at once charming and very pleasantly riveting. The story is set in “Baeburg,” a lovely little community just to the west of Kitchener-Waterloo, but this tale is one that could be set in any tightly-knit tiny town where everybody knows everybody else – and their little secrets.

At its heart, "Some Things Best Forgotten" is a fun, fast-paced read, with the kind of whimsical touch you might appreciate out on the patio on a sun-splashed weekend afternoon. The writing is clear and crisp, the plot unfolds in a straight-ahead manner, and the story itself is nicely told. But the real reward lies in the little gems – the descriptive, small-town feel and the warmth the author demonstrates for small-town life and small-town living. "Some Things Best Forgotten" has a Stephen Leacock feel to it – and that’s a tribute to both the author and the semi-fictionalized community of Baeburg.

This is Teresa Brown’s second novel. Her first was entitled Stories From The Porch.

Some Things Best Forgotten
by Teresa Brown
ISBN: 9780981218014

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