Tupac’s “Ghost” Brings Life to Local Production Company

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Dallas-Based Hologramics Leads the Way in Holographic Illusion Design and Production For Entertainment and EduTainment

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It’s always been our goal to create a space where children, and adults for that matter, can actually witness great historic events in a true virtual reality

Local firm Hologramics is reaping the benefits of Tupac’s holographic resurrection and performance with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg at the 2012 Coachella Music Festival.

The Dallas-based firm specializes in designing, producing and exhibiting entertainment and edutainment content that utilizes state-of-the-art holographic illusion and special effect technologies. One of the company’s cornerstone technologies, a patented projection process that Hologramics has secured through its alliance with its Atlanta-based partner, is the engine behind the most talked about musical performance in years. At the Coachella Festival more than 100,000 fans witnessed the "return of Tupac" as a hologram performing on stage with Dre and Dogg, thanks to the combination of the advanced projection technology and creative expertise.

The performance illustrated the major advancements in holograms and visual special effects, and has opened the eyes of both promoters and entrepreneurs alike to a myriad of endless possibilities. Hologramics has been touting these possibilities for some time, and while they understood the potential high impact the product would bring, they candidly were caught off guard by the sudden attention and flood of interest generated by the Coachella concert.

“Having cast ourselves into a market space that is very specialized and cutting edge, we purposely prepared ourselves to spend much of our time educating the public and our partners,” said Mike Walker, President and a co-founder of Hologramics. “But the media attention surrounding the Tupac event came as a total surprise. A great surprise of course. We knew it would be a showstopper at the concert, but never anticipated how it would become such a catalyst for new projects and ideas, and new potential partners.”

Hologramics’ is focused on converging creativity with technology to deliver stunning life-like imagery and state-of-the-art audio-visual “experiences”. The company focuses primarily on three specific markets: education, traditional entertainment and biblical arts. Up to the Tupac event, education, or “EduTainment”, was the company’s primary rollout initiative, with a focus towards creating touring events for museums, halls and similar educational gathering places. In this regard, the Company is in development with what they refer to as a “Living History Museum”.

“It’s always been our goal to create a space where children, and adults for that matter, can actually witness great historic events in a true virtual reality,” says Mr. Walker. “Can you imagine the impact of actually seeing Abraham Lincoln deliver the Gettysburg address? Or Martin Luther King giving the “I have a dream” speech? The possibilities are amazing, and the technology is very real.”

Another primary market for the Company is traditional entertainment, the most varied and obvious, such as the Tupac show and other so-called “dead celebrity” events. But prior to the Coachella festival, Hologramics anticipated that this would be a market to pursue at a later point due to the development time it takes within the entertainment industry. But given the recent reception that both the public and entertainment worlds have given to the product it has forced them to reevaluate their original stance.

The third focus area is Biblical Arts, as in recreating biblical events and characters. The application would be much in line with the Edutainment application. The impact, though, for many, would be even more powerful.

For more information about Hologramics, visit the company's website at Hologramics.com.

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