100% Eradication of Spongy Tissue Disorder in Mangoes by The Trivedi Effect®

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It is a miracle that the same trees which were having a Spongy Tissue Disorder for the last 32 years were completely transformed.

India is an Agrarian country with near 60% of its population directly or indirectly dependent on Agriculture and the millions of families involved in mango cultivation have been severely traumatized in recent years by the uncertainty of mango production and their future.

2012 has yielded an all-time low in Mango Production due to an uncharacteristically long winter and cold temperatures, which has killed off juvenile mangoes, leading to an increase in pests, and subsequently an increase of the use chemical fertilizers to sustain crops. Alphonso mangoes are not a yearlong crop - they yield only once a year, meaning that another poor harvest could mean bankruptcy for farmers, as 2011 was also a very poor year in terms of production. Farmers report that that the 2012 yield has been fifty to sixty percent less than 2011, and that prices have continued to rise dramatically due to these poor harvests. The market cost has nearly doubled since 2010 in India, and in London mangoes have reached an all-time high, nearly $17.80 per dozen.

In 2011 and 2012, stories about the endangered Mango crops have reached hundreds of news outlets and television stations around the world, all describing the debilitation caused by this epidemic, yet no news coverage is able to offer or suggest a solution. While thousands of cotton farmers in Maharashtra State of India are committing suicide each year due to the deterioration of the cotton crop, Mahendra Trivedi holds hope that the mango epidemic may begin to improve before mango farmers reach the same state of hopelessness. It is his sincere wish that his unprecedented research findings may give hope millions of agriculture families.

Unprecedented research findings in any area of science will continue to hold the highest value because of its discovery, impact and application for humanity, and the relevance of these findings bears no relationship with how recently the research has been conducted. Mahendra Trivedi’s unprecedented results remain relevant as a large number of Alphonso Mango Farmers in India continue to suffer from severe Emotional Trauma due to current state of uncertainty and helplessness. These farmers are not interested in the root cause of the disease; they are in desperate need of a concrete solution, which will restore hope in their future.

On May 8, 2012, the following article by Akhila Vijayaraghavan was published, detailing the debilitation of Mango Crops in India and the delayed production:

Breakthrough results from research conducted at an agriculture university in India show eradication of Spongy Tissue Disorder by 100% in Alphonso mangoes through the energy transmissions of Mahendra Kumar Trivedi. These unprecedented findings were presented by Mr. Trivedi at The American Society for Horticultural Science 108th Annual Conference on Sept. 25-28, 2011 in Waikoloa, Hawaii, USA.

To see the abstract, please refer to pages 135-136 of the following report: http://hortsci.ashspublications.org/content/suppl/2011/10/31/46.9.DC2/2011HS-Abstract-Supplement.pdf

Mahendra Trivedi’s abilities to change the character and behavior of living organisms and non-living materials at the atomic level, through his thought intention, have been measured, validated and documented with the help of the most sophisticated technologies available on this planet.

Over 4,000 scientific experiments have been conducted to date, resulting in several publications in leading international peer-reviewed journals; the results continue to astound the scientific community.

Since 2010, Mahendra Trivedi has been working with many US research institutes and Universities under the Umbrella of The Trivedi Foundation; as the founder of the non-profit foundation, he dedicates his time to scientific research and transforming the lives of humans through Trivedi Master Wellness™. Mr. Trivedi remains highly committed to the transformation of human lives by ushering in a new era of research, integrating science with consciousness. His ongoing US-based research studies related to brain cancer, breast cancer, enhanced immunity, enhanced self-healing powers and deceleration of the aging process are conducted on human cells and mice models; The Trivedi Foundation is also involved in extensive agriculture research in the United States.

He decided to work directly with non-human forms of life, which could not be aware of his actions or intentions on them, selecting seeds and saplings of nuts, fruits, vegetables and grains. A 16-Acre, 32 year old Alphonso Mango Tree Orchard with infected trees, at Dapoli, India was chosen by B.S. Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth - Agriculture University, to measure the impact of The Trivedi Effect ™ on Alphonso Mango Crops. Confirming their characteristics through biochemical tests under scientifically rigorous conditions, the unique results of the tests cannot be explained without an expansion of current scientific theoretical frameworks. With the unprecedented results seen, Mahendra Trivedi, known in India as Guruji, could be called a spiritual master.

Alphonso, the most delicious variety of mango, is known for its excellent texture, taste and richness in vitamins and minerals is infected by a physiological disorder known as “Spongy Tissue” (internal breakdown) Disorder.

It is characterized by unripe, acidic, pale yellow to brown corky tissue with or without air pockets along with an unpleasant taste, which renders the fruit unfit for human consumption. Since the last five decades, mangoes affected by this disorder do not show any external symptoms. Physically it is detected only after cutting the fruit open, posing a challenge for quality control in export.

Extensive investigations have been conducted by various research scientists in order to try and understand the cause of this disorder, with very little success. The root causes of Spongy Tissue Disorder may include factors as diverse as ecological, nutritional, environmental, microbial, and physiological and biochemical issues; however the ailment has remained unsolved because these were confined to measuring the effects rather than the cause.

Generally the spongy tissue affects 80% of the mangoes of Alphonso variety at tree ripe stage, irrespective of the year or age of the tree, orchard spacing, fruit position and size. So it is commercial practice to harvest the mangoes at around 70-80% maturity to decrease the percentage of spongy tissue, but still more than 20 % of the fruits are affected. This premature harvesting is harmful to the final produce in terms of taste and aroma of the mango.

The trees in this orchard were divided into two parts by an imaginary line on December 12, 2005. The trees on the left side of the orchard were selected for the Energy Transmissions and the right side of the orchard were selected as control trees. Mahendra Kumar Trivedi performed his Energy Transmission on the left side of the plot, which had 55 trees. As per the instructions from Mahendra Trivedi, other than water, no pesticides, fungicides or organic additives were added to the treated trees, whereas the 75 control trees on the right side of the plot were supplemented as usual.

In May 2005, after five months, the mango fruits were harvested from treated and untreated plots; after ripening, the scientist, under the guidance of Dr. B.B. Jadhav, Principal Investigator, came to the conclusions outlined in the summary below.

Inference / discussion:
"It is a miracle that the same trees, which were having a spongy tissue disorder since last 32 years, were completely transformed after Guruji’s blessings. The plot treated by Guruji was absolutely free from the spongy tissue and there were no signs of any disease or pest’s attack, no airborne infection too. Interestingly, no additives like pesticides, fungicides or organic material were added to the treated plot. Scientists all over the world are working to solve this problem, but they could not completely eradicate the same.

There was another very important factor, which is way beyond the limits of science. When Guruji treated the trees on 12th December 2005 they had already started flowering in the month of September. According to the laws of nature, two to three months before the flowering start, the tree itself designs the program of flowering period, fruiting period and the final produce in terms of quality and quantity.

So if any treatment is given during or after flowering, it will not be effective because of the pre determined program of a tree. But after Gurujis blessings, all the 55 trees were completely transformed even though they had already started flowering in the month of September. This can be accomplished by working only at the DNA level. Being a witness to this phenomenon which is unknown to the science, I conclude that only supernatural power has capacity to erase the old program of any tree and reprogram it with a new one. And only Guruji has the capacity to regulate and control this supernatural power -Life Energy for getting such an astounding and miraculous result."

Click here to download the report by Dr. B.B. Jadhav, Principal Investigator:

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