Superhero Publishing Releases Brand New Article All For Guys Who Want To Learn About Building Muscle

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Building muscle does not have to be that hard and that is what Jared DiCarmine the owner of Superhero Publishing has set out to prove to millions of men all over the world with this brand new article that he has just released at

The owner of Superhero Publishing LLC, Jared DiCarmine is a personal fitness trainer located outside of New York City. He has trained clients ranging from all ages, genres, goals, and personalities. However, his big passion within the fitness industry is helping guys with building muscle and losing fat.

He has created a website that goes over numerous specific details about how to build muscle for the average, less than genetically blessed person.

For example, he has just released a brand new article titled “The New School Principles For Building Muscle And Getting One Over On Your Lousy Genetics,” that goes over numerous and specific ways for someone to finally starting add muscle to their frame without having resort to any type of dangerous performance enhancing drugs or buying worthless bottles of supplements. One of the biggest take-aways from the article is when he states “The truth is you need to find that sweet spot that allows you to get in and get out of the gym. That’s why I recommend you limit your workouts to just 45 minutes maximum per session. Now you can workout 2-3x per day if you want. Of course your training and recovery program needs to be top-notch, like the one I teach. Plus, there’s another big benefit to hitting the gym, giving it all you got in 45 minutes, and then getting the hell out. Mainly because marathon-bodybuilding workouts increase the amount of cortisol released from your adrenal glands. I touched on this briefly in the special report, but cortisol is a catabolic hormone which kills your muscle growth.”

The statement above goes against conventional wisdom as it relates to building muscle because of the false and misleading information that gets passed around in the traditional bodybuilding magazines. Sadly, as Jared states “a lot of that information is being spewed from the mouth by professional bodybuilders with elite, god-like genetics and who take boatloads of steroids and illegal performance enhancing drugs.”

All in all, if one wants to learn more about building muscle, he or she just has to click on one of the links in this release to read the article.

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