Die Cleaning Equipment and Supply, Inc. Announces Award for DieKlean 360-3-2 Post Extrusion Die Cleaning Machine

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The DieKlean 360-3-2 Provides Safe and Efficient Post Extrusion Die Cleaning Capabilities for Facilities with Three or More Aluminum Extrusion Presses

Steven Smith, president of Die Cleaning Equipment and Supply, Inc., announced today the award of a DieKlean 360-3-2 die cleaning system for AstroShapes, Inc. of Struthers, Ohio. As the innovative leader in the manufacture of post aluminum extrusion die cleaning systems, the company’s DieKlean 360 family of die cleaning equipment is specifically designed to address the safety and efficiency deficiencies of the conventional die cleaning process. These machines have demonstrated a significant reduction in sodium hydroxide consumption and up to a 50% reduction in cleaning time compared to conventional wet tank die cleaning processes.

Fully automatic, each DieKlean 360 machine provides for regulated mixing of die cleaning chemicals, provides individual cleaning tank controls, and enhances plant safety because operator exposure to the cleaning chemicals is minimized. Instead of open tanks of hot caustic solution, dies are safely loaded into dry tanks before the cleaning solution is added, then closed with lids that are secured during the entire die cleaning process.

The AstroShapes DieKlean 360-3-2 features three cleaning tanks, two mixing tanks, and two immersion rinse tanks. The redundant mixing tank provides for continuous cleaning capability by permitting the premix staging of each batch of cleaning solution.

Die Cleaning Equipment and Supply, Inc., is a leading innovator for post extrusion die cleaning equipment. The DieKlean 360 family of die cleaning machines is available in various sizes to accommodate the specific needs of the aluminum extrusion facility. Die cleaning machines are available for tooling as large as 43 inches in diameter. Additional information may be found at http://www.diecleaningequipment.com. Representatives of Die Cleaning Equipment and Supply will be at Booth #618 at the ET’12 Extrusion Technology Symposium and Expo in Miami, May 15-18.

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