RnA Drops: Get A Piece of The Future, Now!

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From The Taste of Doritos to Dirt, Can A Now Patented Sugar Be The Bread Of Living Water, Rediscovered?

Since I started the drops, I've experienced sometimes prolonged (all day) experiences of bliss. This past week, I experienced three days in a row of this and it was phenomenal.
- Bart

RnA Drops: the Future is Now

RnA Drops is both new and old technology which is unique enough to qualify for patent status. The I-Cell patent, co-authored by Dr. Carolyn Dean, published in April 2012 describes the i-Cell as the main ingredient in RnA Drops. The RnA Drops are also referred to in a patent pending called Insulinose.

RnA Drops is a food substance that is connected to Shewbread in the Bible but is also referred to as “The Bread of Life” in association with “Living Water”.

Dr. Dean explained that the RnA Drops were discovered serendipitously while working on the initial stages of the Living Water project. She said that the people working on this project first noticed their health and environment improving dramatically by just being close to the process.

Then, under Dr. Dean’s supervision, a test group began taking drops of the liquid being produced. Documentation from participants showed that everyone tasted something different, from Doritos to dirt; from tobacco to vinegar. Physical changes were noted in people taking 5-10 drops twice a day. Dr. Dean said that someone reported that they grew an inch, another person got rid of their genital herpes, diabetic blood sugars dropped, and several people had rapid recovery after near-fatal accidents. After a heart attack a man with 20% heart function says his heart is back to normal after a year of taking RnA Drops. These people are all available to discuss their success with the RnA Drops.

There is also a skin application called ReNew. With this product, Dr. Dean has gathered evidence from people who claim their moles are falling off, wounds are healing rapidly, and signs of aging diminishing.

The inspiration for the Living Water project came from a Non-Physical source called iON. The makers of the RnA Drops make no claims for it but iON maintains that RnA Drops give new information to our RNA affecting our DNA via an improved tuning function of Chromosome14, allowing the replication of perfect cells. Imagine a photocopier that’s duplicating a faded master copy and the toner is also running low. RnA Drops “replenish the toner” so that a new master copy can make refreshed, perfect cells.

If RnA Drops sound like something you can see in your world, simply go to http://www.RnADrops.com and engage. You’ll find the testimonials fascinating. For more on iON go to http://www.howionic.com and listen to hundreds of hours of archived radio shows (on the Here and Now Page).

The body of this press release was written by Dr. Carolyn Dean MD, ND.

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