National Write Your Congressman's Five Things To Do to Get Ready for the Elections

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For over 54 years NWYC has been bringing your voice to Congress

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Five things to do to get ready for the election

Remember, chain e-mails often originate outside the country and inside prisions.

America is going to the polls in November and whether we touch a screen or fill in a ballot bubble with a #2 pencil, our votes are going to change the world. So, what do we do to get ready to vote? Here are five not-always-so-easy steps that can help you support your own cause.

1. Know the difference between fact and fiction. Myths, half-truths and downright lies about Congress, the president and just about everyone associated with Capitol Hill abound on the internet and are happily passed around by seemingly intelligent people. Don’t fall for them any faster than you would for a chain letter that showed up in your mailbox. And remember – chain e-mails can originate outside the country and inside prisons. They’re often calculated to turn Democrats against Republicans, Republicans against Democrats and everyone against the president.

2. Reliable sources abound. Check them out. When you want to know who said what, and who didn’t, don’t trust blogs or websites with titles like – HOW to STOP the DIRTY (fill in the blank) from Destroying America. Turn instead to major online and print newspapers and magazines and to National Write Your Congressman, Fact Check, Politifact and Snopes are also valuable tools. Compare reliable news sources and unveil your own truth.

3. Remember, TV newscasters love to shock your socks off. So keep your feet on the floor and watch out for dire predictions and wild speculation. Even well established news sources can slant the truth until it’s hard to find, Worst case scenarios are often touted as what’s most likely to occur. So, don’t believe everything you hear.

4. Don’t bury an issue before it’s dead. There’s a difference between an issue and a bill. The bill may have died, but the issue didn’t. Don’t think hot-button issues like immigration, energy, abortion and gun regulations are dead because a bill failed in one chamber or the other. If it’s hot, you can bet it will be back.

5. Write your Congress person. Americans have one representative and two senators in Congress. Let them hear your voice before they vote on an issue. Tell them how you feel about an issue that impacts your business, your family, YOU! You’re the expert in this case, not them. You’re the one living and working under the laws they’ve passed. So, let them know and see what they say before the election.

NATIONAL WRITE YOUR CONGRESSMAN (NWYC) is an unbiased, nonpartisan legislative research firm based in Richardson, Texas. For over 54 years, NWYC has been bringing constituent opinion to Capitol Hill.

If you have any questions or would like tips on the best ways to contact your congressperson, please contact:

Vice President Legislative Affairs, Charles Huston [charles.huston(at)nwyc(dot)com]
Publications Editor, Carol Craver (Direct Line: 214-466-2388, [carol.craver(at)nwyc(dot)com]

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