Sex Toys Made for Him but Bought by a Woman

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Report Shows Male Sex Toys Can Help Relationships

It's not hard to find sex toys for guys, but it may be surprising to find out that it is the girls that are buying them.

Historically, sex toys have never been on the top of a man's to buy list. This is probably because from a male's point of view, sex doesn't need much help. Men get sex done much quicker, finding satisfaction up to ten times faster than a woman. Add to that the fact that a male orgasm can happen in as little as two minutes, and toys become more of a bother than they are worth. Regardless, the ladies love their toys, and manufacturers are finding ways to include the guys.

It's not hard to find sex toys for guys, but it may be surprising to find out that it is the girls that are buying them. It is suggested that these purchases are being made by women with their own interest in mine. Women are optimistic that toys for their lover will help spice up a dull bedroom, or at least help diminish the gap between the time it takes a male to be satisfied as compared to a female.

Online sex toy stores like are a popular place for women to make their sex toy purchases. These stores often provide a full assortment of apparel, cock rings, massage oils and male vibrators while remaining discrete. These sites help women feel comfortable shopping online for their guys. There are even stores that are devoted to couples that focus on toys that are stimulating to both the male and female.

Even though the guys aren't the ones buying the toys, they aren't complaining. Women are buying toys that are designed for couples, and men are continuing to have sex with their women. For some guys, they are surprised to find out that sex toys aren't just for females anymore. Rabbit vibrators and sexy lingerie has been around for ages, and men are very familiar with them, but it is often their ladies that open their eyes to what currently is available. It may take a woman introducing the toy into the relationship, but the effects are generally pleasurable for both.

Although sex toys can be a win-win situation for both parties, there is often reluctance within more established relationships. It takes the women; most of the times, to make that first step in purchasing something small before a couple can truly feel comfortable purchasing items together. Although that first purchase can be scary, it will eventually make the sexual playing board more equal.

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